Full Steam Ahead on Vanguard

So this weekend I decided to take the next step in my ongoing plunge back into Vanguard. I went to http://www.vginterface.com/ and downloaded a new GUI interface. For those who may not know what that is, it is a custom Graphics Users Interface using tools supplied by the Sony that allow independent developers to create a specialized and many times better interface to the game.

In this case I downloaded a compilation mod called Tbird which offers among many enhancements, a new map, a new crafting design, and all new graphics for the basic attributes of the game.

VGinterface of Tbirds crafting screen

VGinterface of Tbirds crafting screen

What joy I am having adventuring and crafting in Vanguard. I also have to tell you that I am back to dual boxing again and simply love it.

I have come full circle it seems today when I visited Tanvu on the Kojan continent. It was here that I remember spending most my days in the early years of Vanguard. It take me back to 2007 yet sadly I do not think many of my friends from back then are on any longer. I do not even remember their names, except for one or two and I know those people are gone because they were in my guild — I still belong but no one has logged in over more than four years.

Sad to see so much lost potential. I hope Sony spends some effort and money to try and push players back into the lost and forgotten zones. Perhaps it will never be more than a niche market little game, but even still I think they should be able to make a going at it.

At least I hope. . . .


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