I Love When I Can Make Things For My Guys: Vanguard

Now that I have returned to the game, it seems this time the crafting and adventuring is a bit more easier. Perhaps it is nothing more than I know what I am doing this time. In the old days everything was still too new and no one knew what to do, but now everything has been etched in stone for years and one can find anything on the game via the web.

I have a weaponsmith and a leatherworker to 20th level now, so I can finally start giving my guys weapons and gear that is better than anything found. I love that about the game: Crafted stuff in general is better than monster loot. Here is a few pictures showcasing what I made. The gear that is yellow is made by another one of my characters, sent via the mail system the new recipient is tickled pink with his new gains:

New gear made by my own guy!

New gear made by my own guy!

More goodness from my toons!

More goodness from my toons!

I cannot explain my joy in having made this gear for my guys — it has taken years but I am finally reaping the benefits of my original voyages in the Vanguard world.



  1. Hey mate, it’s so good to see you back 🙂

    I had been on and off for a while, with a large break when my regular group left. I returned when they started ‘fixing issues’ and put a dev team back on and like yourself have been having an absolute blast!

    I have a couple of different crafting classes I’m working up and am on every now and then, feel free to look me up…Vogai 🙂

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