Week Two of Vanguard

I am settling down into the game, on week two. It is now about organizing my two accounts and figuring out what each character needs and what their immediate goals are. This week I seemed to get mired down into a ton of little side quests that did little to add levels or potential, but truly added more capabilities to the group.

One of the big challenges for me this week was to get all of my crafters so they could use continental crafting. What I mean by this is that each continent in Vanguard has their own recipes: Thestra, Qalian, and Kojan. You can do a quest that opens up each continent’s recipes. I have four primary crafters, with three more that I have just started. This creates a huge time sink to get all of them to have continental recipes. This morning, I essentially finished my last quest and need to just hand it in.

At present I have 22nd leatherworker (Ratook), a 16th fabric workers (pidglet), a 19th weaponsmith (Okthank), a 16th Woodworker (Dagulas), and a 10th level armorsmith (Malthoria).

I also have been working on grinding some adventuring levels in the game. I have far too many characters, but that is how I like to play. Some players simply love to get one guy to maximum level and then be done with the game. For me, I like to slowly level 12 guys all sharing resources and combinations.

I have a 35th ranger (Ratook), a 36th necromancer (Pidglet), 18th level shaman Daarnash, 18th level cleric (Pumpkinpuss), 17th level sorcerer (Toddan), 16th level Bloodmage (Tarograss), 12th level paladin (Edaw), a 11th level psionicst (Darkmaze), a 8th level shaman Okthank, a 11th level monk (Malthoria), and 13th level cleric (Dagulas).

Next week I am going to look into joining a guild. Also on my plate is to find a house, although I am not economically set up yet to support a plot or even the structure which I have been told can be expensive over time.

I am looking to continue with a level in all my adventurers and crafters. Main goal for the weekend is to get enough harvests to make some decent gear for all my guys and to get a smattering of levels.


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