Pet Peeve of the Week for Vanguard

The kid who buys the $25 flying mount and parks it directly on top of a rift: “Look at me! Look at me!” No one carries, Billie. And you are really only ticking people off who want to use the stone to go someplace. Buying something on the store doesn’t show the rest of us anything other than you are a dumbass.

The guy who plays 15 minutes of the game and then starts this long diatribe on how it isn’t as fun or good as World of Warcraft. Tommy, no one cares. You need to experience hours of game before making an opinion. Everyone knows that the game isn’t perfect, but often the rough cut jewel sparkles the most. There is a magic about the game and some snotty nosed xbox player isn’t going to see that in 15 minutes. Move on but don’t clog the chat channel with your worthless opinion.

The gamer who somehow thinks that his five year old $300 Dell laptop is going to play the game. And then whines and bitches on all the channels as to why his game his laggy and chuggs. The game was a stretch of technology six years ago, made only slightly better with today’s multicore processors and gigabytes of RAM. Realize this game is not for the half-hearted gamer, it really isn’t, so unless you have a decent computer look elsehwere. Please don’t play nor waste my time trying to figure out the magic settings that will make the game run on a piece of shit.


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