Weekend in Vanguard

Great weekend playing Vanguard. I am a slow learner and usually takes me two or three times longer to catch on to something. I finally dabbled in the crafting quest line of The Banishers and realized if I did that years ago I may still have been playing game.

I took three of my crafters about half way through the quest lines and got a ton of cool stuff and a smattering of levels.  Many of the quests involved 3, 5, or 10 combinations of recipes to complete and then to run all over New Targanor — a huge ancient city.  I curse myself for my poor memory skills because even on the third time through I often forgot where many of the points of interests were located.

If anyone is returning and is frogging around with crafting, it is essential you do the Banishers quest. As a matter of fact, one piece of advice I can give you is DO NOT grind levels crafting — the worst possible thing you can do. I didn’t learn that the first time but I am certainly learning it now. You can waste days, just repeating Word Orders without getting much of anywhere.

Just like adventuring, and what I can only imagine in Diplomacy, crafting is so much more than in any other MMO I have ever played. Each sphere is taken seriously and has serious quests, goals, and valuable loot. You can truly get excited about magical gear in crafting, unlike anything I have seen in any other game.

I don’t know much about Diplomacy but its rewards are just as interesting. I have gotten a few pieces of nice Diplomacy gear and may have to get at least 10 levels in it to see how it goes.

Each Sphere seems so different, but each is no “Walk In The Park”. All can be rewards but also so frustrating.  I am already looking forward to next weekend where I can spend seriously 8 to 1o hours in the world of Telon.


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