Grognards of Vanguard

I have officially decided the name of the new podcast. It will be a weekly or bi-weekly show named Grognards of Vanguard.  As the show will tell the audience, a grognard is a veteran of many campaigns.  I believe it is a French term used in the days of Napoleon, as an old and trusted soldier.

Grognard (plural Grognards)

An old soldier.
    (games, slang) Someone who enjoys playing board wargames, particularly the counter-heavy strategy board wargames from the 1970s and 1980s.
    (games, slang) Someone who enjoys playing previous editions of roleplaying games when new editions of the game are available.
    (computer games, slang) Inside the computer game development industry, a game fan who will buy every game released in a certain genre of computer game (RTS, or computer role-playing game, etc.).

For those who remember my early days in podcasting, I had a slew of shows back in 2007.  My first podcast was called Voyages of Vanguard.  It last a year with many fine shows. I hosted it with a lady named Karen Bryan.  It was a good show but then it was handed off to Beau Turkey.  From there it was handed off to another fine gentlemen, although I am unsure if he has actually made any new shows. I also created EQual Perspectives, a show all about Everquest I and Everquest II.  My last show was a complete editorial cast about the general state of gaming.  I am simply letting these shows sink into history, as I don’t want to step on any persons toes or egoes.

Grognards of Vanguard is a show about Vanguard. Period.  It will be my veteran view of the game, coming back six years later and talking about the game, the players, and great tips and secrets about the game.  It will be a short show, hoping to be 15 to 20 minutes long.  My goal is to make them weekly again and eventually have them available on iTunes.

The show will be predicated on a couple of things.  First on the size of the file, if it can be hosted on Emerald Tablet or not?  The timing will also have to be worked out because I simply love playing Vanguard but I have to set aside both hours of preparation but also hours to record and edit the show.  Time will tell on how the show will shake out.


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