Secrets of Vanguard

Does anyone have any secrets or lost bits of knowledge to share about Vanguard?

I just learned about the double torch in the game. In the dark you can hit the ‘K’button and get a radiant light source around your character, but I just learned that if you hit ‘Shift+K’ you get a second light source for the real dark dungeons!

Also I learned about assisting Harvesting. Not just having more than one guy in a group while harvesting, rather you start the harvest and anyone with the correct tool can jump in and help the primary harvester. They gain additional and often valuable additional harvests.

Lastly as I have already discussed, the whole concept of a crafter just grinding levels is a complete wrong approach in Vanguard. Crafting in Vanguard is all about traveling and seeing new sights. As a crafter you will be a true adventurer, traveling to all the major cities, towns, and even a dungeon or two to complete quests and find rare recipes. I urge any new player to take up the quest line of “The Banishers” which should be found in any of the major cities but leads back to New Targonor.

What other tidbits are there?


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