Vanguard Adventures

I had a great time last night in Vanguard. For a couple of hours my friend and I hunted 3 and 4 dot hobgoblins near Renton Keep and I got myself 20th level on my cleric and shaman. I then proceeded to get my cleric’s affinity in Tanvu. My shaman got a bit of love from my leatherworker, Ratook, when he got all new 19th level crafted Constitution gear.

Didn’t get anything in the way of good loot drops, and even if I did I would probably tried to deconstruct them for powders or harvests.

After my adventuring, I went solo for the remainder of the night taking my weaponsmith out and getting his several tier abilities done and criss-crossing Telon in several crafting quests.

Got on Ratook, my leatherworker, and started his Banishers quest. It makes me chuckle to think he got to 25th level without ever doing any crafting quests — back then I just didn’t know how they worked or was bored with them. Now he is one-third the way through the Banishers quest line and has accrued some really nice pieces of equipment and almost a level with cashin quests.

Tonight my buddy comes over and we are going to LAN-Vanguard: Play the game in the same room on three computers. We like doing this every week and just give each other crap and do some big quests or a dungeon crawl.


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