Vanguard Secret II

Last night my friend and I wanted to try something new and unknown. So we packed up three guys, him with his monk and I dual boxing a cleric and a bard, and we headed for Lomshir.

Now new players may say, “I heave heard of that place, but it is off in god’s country and too hard to get there!?!” But there is a secret that you may or may not know. There is a riftstone in Lomshir. If your map does not show it, you can stand by a rift stone and type: /rift Lomshir

Your character will teleport to the stone. Nearby of course is the town of Lomshir and it nearly has everything any new character may need except for a Market. I think there is one further down the road in a town called Dark Horse Downs, though I have not been there in a long time.

Along the shore is a wreck boat and inside are double and triple dot 13 to 20th level mobs. The deeper that you explore, the larger you will realize the size of the dungeon. This place is huge. It has some very nice quests along the way, too. The loot from what I have seen is horrid — I almost wonder if at one time this dungeon was for 2nd to 10th level monsters rather than what assuredly s for a 13th to 21st level crowd now. The devs updated the mobs, but not the treasure.

This dungeon appears to be a great little secret. We never saw another player all night, and yet this area is just rich with so much possibilities. A great list of resources, monsters, treasures, and quests await. I don’t necessarily want to give out this information but I would be remiss in not telling my fellow Vanguardians that this is the place to take 10th level guys — screw the Qa river area, come here.

So much potential here in the Lomshir area you must take a low level guy here.


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