Vanguard Goals for the First Week in April

For me, Ratook my main, is going to be making everyone new harvesting gear. Okthank, my blacksmith, is going to be making a ton of arrows and iron horseshoes for all my alts. Dagulas, my carpenter, needs to get up some levels and do his Banisher quest line up to the point he gets his gem of NT port.

I also want to get Daarnash and Pumpkinpuss out harvesting a ton of metal and textiles.

I have a handful of other alts that I wouldn’t mind taking to Lomshir and into the depths of that dungeon in that beached boat along the coast — that is a little secret spot between you and me. Don’t tell anyone else.

I will be posting some pictures of the guys later on tonight. Can’t wait until I get home to start the weekend.


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