Grognards of Vanguard

So this weekend I returned to Vanguard with a list of “things to get done” and as Sunday slowly ends I have reached so many of those lofty goals. What a fantastic weekend to bring out my old toons and new ones!

Boys out Harvesting

Ratook and Pidglet continue to gain levels in crafting, with them both doing a bunch of crafting quests but also from Work Orders and just making items that my alts really need.

Malthoria my armorsmith is just peeking towards tenth level, a milestone in crafting in that you really become a specialized crafter. I so need him to get several levels so that my clerics and paladin can get decent crafted gear.

Okthank my weaponsmith dinged 27th and is making all my weapons. So cool to start a process and unsure of what you are going to get until finished. I love how the powders and augments really spruce up a final weapon.

Pumpkinpuss is trying to get to 11th level in mineralogist and start truly making some magic rings. A slow progress offset by him being my primary healer — dinged 22nd this weekend!

I made two new characters this weekend as well, both females. I don’t generally make girls but long long ago I had a female monk in Everquest I and thought it would be fun to immortalize her again in Vanguard, so I made Avanta the disciple and Kimmistifer the druid. Both are 8th level and have gotten their primary harvesting skills to 100 and their secondary to 50ish.

So many other alts too were played for an hour here or an hour there. I am just a nut when it comes to alts. I have just too many and not enough time to play them all.

Two hot chicks ready to kick some ass!

Two hot chicks ready to kick some ass!


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