Vanguard Memory Mod

I don’t generally copy and paste things I read elsewhere, but this handy mod is simply too good to pass up. I did this last night on both of my accounts and after a bit of frustration because Windows did not want to turn my text file into a bat file, I had this working and saw instant improvement in game play

What you need to do is a modification to the file sysconfig.ini. This file controls the modified Unreal game engine that vanguard uses. There is a section in that file that reads:


When Vanguard patches it will always restore the sysconfig.ini file and set the environment for the game engine to run in a 32 Meg sized environment.

The game will run much better in a larger environment, 256 megs rocks.
Here’s how we do it:

Locate the file sysconfig.ini in the games bin folder of Vanguard. It can be stored in several locations, so either search for it or poke around in the bin folder in Vangaurd

When you’ve found the file, copy it to some folder on the desktop or in the C drive. I found it handy to simply copy the path found on the menu bar and make the following change: Edit that file and change the one line CacheSizeMegs=32 to read CacheSizeMegs=256. Save the file.

Next, make new text file on your desktop. Name it Sysconfig.txt — Add the following lines to this new file:

@echo off
copy /Y “C:Users\John\My Documents\sysconfig.ini” “C:Program Files\Sony\Vanguard\bin”

NOTE each of these file locations may be unique to your system and set up. Do not simply copy and paste this into the text file as it will not work. Copy the location of both from the directory bar at the top of your window. It will take a bit of tweaking, but the key is to locate both the edited version and the original.

When you have verified that both file paths are correct for your setup go ahead and save the file sysconfig.txt or whenever you decided to use. Next, rename that file so it has a .bat extension at the end of it. It should read sysconfig.bat when you’re completed — Make sure you have windows showing “Known File Extensions” turned on or you will save the file as a bat file but Windows will simply add a .txt at the end of it anyway.

To implement the modification when running the game, load Vanguard and let it patch. Just before you hit the PLAY button launch the batch file to overwrite sysconfig.ini, now hit play.

The game will launch with the game engine able to use the 256 MB environment and you should be able to increase settings accordingly. This is probably the single largest mod affecting game performance. Enjoy!


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