Guilds Are Not For Everyone

When I first returned to Vanguard I joined a very progressive guild. Most of the members seemed very helpful but the mistake I made was that it was a very high end guild, limited to 55th level characters. Although my highest level guy is only 35th, they let me in — not sure why? They should have told me, listen come back in 20 levels and you are more than welcome.

I quickly realized that unless I had a 55th level character, I really had no voice or even access to 99.9% of the guild’s activities.

I like how Sony structured guilds in the game. They really serve as a focus for raiding groups but not to abolish the needs of cities or outposts. There are no guild rifts, no guild crafting stations, no guild merchants. All of this still must be performed in town by and large.

Certainly there are guilds in the game that cater to lower end characters. And being in a guild like that has its advantages, mostly as pre-50th level crafted gear is often better than farmed stuff. Its also fun to banter and carry on with a more select group of players, leaning on them for various needs across the gamut of gaming.  Getting groups and finishing quests are so much easier  dealing with a 50 players rather than 5000.  Guilds have a distinctively different feel however in Vanguard than other MMOs.

As for my involvement in a Vanguard guild, I am pulling out for the time until I know really what I want. I don’t think a single person in the guild I had joined ever said three words to me, and why should they as I was only 36th level? I love my characters and their progress, but I want to be able to actively contribute to a guild, and I really hate sitting back in the nose bleed seats while reading what others are doing.

Perhaps six weeks of playing the game again is too short of a time to even think about guilds. More than likely my judgement has been clouded by other games that have guilds — certainly in EQ2 guilds are a must even for solo players, not so in Vanguard.

Are others in guilds? What are your thoughts about joining or being in a guild?


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