Sad to See it Empty

Woke up this morning to run some fast crafting quests. The journey led me all over the map and the greatest sadness is most of the zones I traveled through were completely devoid of players. Worse these zones were huge and richly detailed — the designers thoughts were to make it accessible to hundreds maybe even thousands of players at a time. For example, Ahgram is a incredible city in the desert and yet it is almost always empty. Hundreds of great cubby holes to tuck your characters into, but now it is literally a ghost town.

So sad because even though marred with so many technical problems, Vanguard is such a wonderful game.

I wish Sony would make a deal with an SSD manufacturer and if you buy the SSD you get 3 months free of Vanguard. Maybe, and just maybe, some gamers would pick up on that. Market it through a chain of magazines and game shops.


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