Trying to Return to Blogging

A month before the end of the year and I am trying hard to get back into blogging again.  Is this my preemptive strike on my New Year Resolutions?  I am unsure?  It is Sunday night, the last day of my Thanksgiving Vacation and I am just looking over all the stuff I did not get done.  One of my goals during the four day vacation was to do writing.  I think I failed quite miserably.

This site has been here for years, treating those that occasionally stopped in for my editorial on games, history, and writing.  Every year, for the last six, I have been good at writing my ideas, thoughts, and rants about my gaming and clever ideas. If I make an effort, I am sure you will find once more I can offer some interesting ideas and comments to games and history.  Thus, I am dusting off the site again and hope to start using it a bit more.

Five months ago I changed the theme to my site, to a Halloween motif, but I never really liked it.  I wanted the site to be more “spooky” and “adventuresome” but there was really nothing in the free themes to fit the bill. I settled on a cheesy Halloween theme, but it was horrid and drained my creative each time I went to visit this site.

Today I changed it to a rather ordinary but consistent theme.  Please poke around on the tabs and some of the archived material.  I know one bland post doesn’t make for a great blog, so I am not asking much of those who stop by.  I would ask a favor of you though — come back in a week and see if I have added some interesting content?

What can you count on here:

  • Challenging thoughts on history
  • Scientific curiosity and quirky scientific discoveries
  • Civilization IV modding secrets and stories of my play-testing progress.
  • MMO stories from the games I play: Everquest 2, Guild Wars 2, Path of Exile, and perhaps even some Rifts.
  • Podcasting
  • Gaming editorials

BB2011 001

Bloodbath and Bloodchant RPG rules.

2012-04-09 19:02:46My favorite super hero MMO, with me, Joe, and Wade’s characters.

New gear made by my own guy!

New gear made by my own guy!

Fair enough?  I hope to see you next week.


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