A Year in Gaming

Every year for the past three, from October to October of the next year, I have given a synopsis of my weekly gaming group.  In the early days we would alternate with RPGs or even board games, but now it seems all we do is computer games.  We also used to have a number of guests that would stop over which would include my friend Wade, Eric, Rick, John, and even Mike. This year most of the gaming nights, I only had my friend Joe over.

Some people may even wonder why I would post such a diary as it rarely has any real content nor details in any way what sort of adventures we had, but I offer this for nothing more than my own whimsy.  Perhaps some day someone will find this and use it in a paper on the average gamer in the early twenty-first century.  I guess I don’t know why I am doing this or who will even ever read it.


09-25-13    Last game for the year.  Yup, next week it starts all over.  We played our Torchlight II guys to 40th level and had fun.  Probably next week we will be done with the game unless we start again – not enough classes to go again though, so we’ll probably hang it up unless I can find a mod or something.

09-19-13    Started our new 10th level guys in Torchlight and played the night out.  Got 18 levels.  Very fun if not a bit tiresome with the clicking.  The last game we played on Veteran really wasn’t as fun as this one.

09-11-13    Finished our game of Torchlight II.  We could have played other dungeons or even start the game over at 51 but we made new guys up.  Very fun if not sometimes horribly frustrating game. Wade was a no show again.  Will probably play Torchlight 2 for another month.  Not sure what we will do after, maybe Civ4 or EQ2.  In two weeks this journal starts all over again.

09-05-13    NO GAME – Joe had other commitments and WADE is a no show again.  Was really looking forward to playing the game.  A few more entries before we start this blog all over again.  Sometimes seem silly but fun to look back over the years to what we were playing.

08-28-13    Wow what an exciting night playing Torchlight II.  The night started with trouble when my character was 1/3rd Joe’s character’s level – somehow it didn’t save correctly or got corrupted.  Spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out, in the end used the often forgotten Windows tool of “Previous Versions”.  Got my character back to 44th and we fought our way to 47thA GREAT night of fighting, loots, and glory.  Last game of August, it is sad to think fall is coming.

08-22-13    Joe and I played Torchlight II once again and had a ball.  We are in the third of four Acts, just like Diablo.  The game is a blast.  I now hav a 43rd level Engineer and he has a 43rd level Wizard.  Sort of ran into a brick wall last night, so next week we are resetting the zones and going back through for loot and XP.  I suspect we will be playing this for a least a month, maybe all the way to Halloween!!

08-14-13    Joe and I played Torchlight II.  I got my engineer out and he continued with his wizard. No wade still – his back is still whacked.  We had fun playing Torchlight and got our guys to 32nd level.  We also started playing Everquest II again, and both of us are excited about the game again.

08-08-13    Joe and I played his wizard and I played a guy a rolled up this weekend in Torchlight II.  We had a lot of fun.  I am going to essentially only play this on Game Night and surely can play for another 8 or 10 weeks – Can we play until Halloween?!?   Great fun in the game with mighty battles and magic loot

08-01-13    Joe and I played two new character in Torchlight II and had the best game ever.  It was rockin’ all night long. Wade couldn’t get over because he had hurt his back real bad – poor fellow is always in pain. Made a Beserker and Joe made a hybrid Embermage/Gunslinger!

07-25-13    Joe, Wade, and I started playing Torchlight II.  We had so much fun.  Haven’t had this much in in many moons.

07-18-13    Joe and I played TF2 and I showed him XCOM, Galactic Civilization and (x)?  Probably last time we will play TF2.

07-10-13    Joe and I played Team Fortress II all night.  Had fun although the game wasn’t cooperating with in in the least.

07-03-13    Just Joe and I. We played Civilization IV.

06-27-13    John White came over but Wade crapped out on us.  Can’t put up with that. Marginally fun night.

06-12-13    Great time with the guys playing Phantasm Adventures.

06-06-143   Joe, Wade, and I started making some characters for Phantasm Adventures. We had a lot of fun just talking and coming up with ideas.

05-30-13    No game this week.

05-23-13    Wade, Joe, and I played Civ 4 and everyone had a good time. Single game this week with everyone having fun.

05-16-13    Wade, joe, and I played Civ 4.  It was amazing how just ignorant Wade was on the basics; not sure what he was thinking. Had so many problems with just keeping his civ alive.  Finally had a 4th game that he thought we was doing well, but in truth he was in last place.

05-08-13    Was going to play Civ 4 but Joe and Wade did not come over. Joe had a funeral to go to.

05-01-13    Was going to play Civ 4 but just started playing Vanguard and never stopped.  Played Edaw and Kimmstifer most of the night.

04-25-13    No game this week, though we would have played VANGUARD.  I think the real reason joe backed out was to watch the Red Wings on TV, but he said e didn’t feel well. I played solo.

04-17-13    Joe came over again last night and we played VANGUARD.  It was a very stormy night (outside for real).  Started out playing Tarograss, Daarnash, and Renfred in the far north of Qalia but was getting hammered so we went to Renton Keep with Toddan, Darkmaze, and Moonbee – great xp and Darkmaze gained 3 levels!

04-09-13    Got together a day earlier because our weekly get together would have fallen on Joe’s dad’s passing anniversary.  We had a great deal of fun playing several younger toons: my paladin and shaman (Okthank my weaponsmith).  Played in Lomshir/Dark Horse area and had a ball.

03-27-13    Joe backed out – pussy. Wade is worthless in trying to have him do anything.  I will play tonight.  Cherry went off to work.

03-20-13    Another fun night with Vanguard. Wade tried to call in the last few minutes before game and invite himself – but without a decent character and a grasp of the game, he is just wasting our time.  Joe and I played a couple of guys throughout the night and had a ball.

03-13-13    Vanguard is King once again. Wade didn’t show up and I wasn’t going to beg him.  Joe and I had a fantastic night with going into Khrig’s End (spelling).  Found four other guys and traveled with them to the bottom of the dungeon and got almost two levels with my cleric Pumpkinpuss (and also my sorcerer since they were in a brotherhood). Joe played a monk and love the game, but also loves to complain about it (the game is a bit schlocky).

03-07-13    Vanguard.  Had Wade over and he fumbled through the night.  He played my guy and he fucked it all up.  We are having fun though and ran out into some big trouble in the world.  Joe has a ranger and a rogue. I have a bard and a bloodmage.  Great fun finally again on Wednesday night.

02-28-13    Vanguard. Had another fun night with some new guys.  Joe seems good at not paying for anything.  Wade failed to show up and will probably miss out for the foreseeable future.  Calling Eric to see if he wants to come over and play.

02-20-13    Vanguard.  Thought we had a fun night. Started with some Raki but then went to Goblins. I wish he would download and we could play at home, but I think he fears he would play it all the time and not do his “writing”.  Wade will be brought in when we play something else.

02-14-13    Joe bailed.  Wade’s mom passed away. 

02-07-13    Played Star Wars of the Old Republic, but unsure if I want to waste any more time in the game. Net week we shall play either Vanguard or Civilization IV.

01-31-13    Started off with Lord of the Rings but I just wasn’t digging it. Went on to play Star Wars. Maybe next week play Vanguard?

01-24-13    Joe and I played Lord of the Rings. Made some new guys, hobbits, and got to level 8.  He doesn’t seem to want to put the time into it and so it’s a fairly boring game. Wade cancelled on us again, so I guess he is done until spring.

01-16-13    Joe, Wade, and I tried Star Wars of the Old Republic MMO. Had great hopes that we could play the game and learn the systems, but it was bland and unresponsive. I heard thru reviews they really curtail play on free accounts, making you pay for everything.

01-09-13    Cancelled because of the flu

01-03-13    AppendWe did finally get to play Lord of the Rings and I enjoyed it.  It was fun.

01-02-13    Moved the game night to Wednesday and will try once more to play Lord of the Rings. Not sure how it will go or if Joe will get into it. I don’t want to play Civ 4 for a while, as I am burnt out in it and Joe is just too good at it (that is all he plays).  I would like to do other things that just play Civ 4 and would like to try board and card games.

12-19-12   Tried to play Lord of the Rings but the server was down. So we played Civ 4 but need a break from it. Wade left halfway through the night cuz he was bored, so he is on the outs for a while.  Next week is Christmas but need to switch game night to Wednesday anyways, so we’ll see what happens.

12-11-12    Sadly no game tonight. Joe and Wade both cancelled. Doesn’t look at rescheduling this week.

12-04-12    Just Joe and I again since wade had to take care of his very sick mom. We played Civ 4 again; seems to be are mainstay on Tuesday night.

11-28-12    Only Joe. Tonight I treat Wade to our annual Christmas dinner. Game last night was fun but had some initial troubles getting it set up and at times had several OOS errors. Still it was a good night.

11-21-12    Had some real issues last night and Wade had to go home early. Joe and I played a new mod called Master of Mana.

10-13-12    Fun playing Civilization IV again last night. We played on a new world starting at the Renaissance era. Everyone is getting so good at it now that the AI is having a time to even stay competitive.

10-10-12    Had another fun time. Continued to play the game from last week.  I did much better after going strictly military early in the night, capturing several cities. No end in sight for stopping this weekly foray into Civilization.  I am sure one day we will put it aside, but right now we are having a blast. I have no game in mind for the future, though I would like to move beyond a computer game.

10-03-12    Over the weekend I amended Civilization IV a bit changing Slavery and harbors. The big change I made was giving a new Unique Unit to every civilization. We started a new game at a slight accelerated pace with me playing the Greeks, Joe playing Kongo, and Wade playing the Iroquois.  Wade played exemplary and won a great amount of credibility.  I floundered like always. Joe seemed content on being off by himself. Good game overall.

Goodbye gaming 2011 — essentially we start over

the first Wednesday into October.



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