February Reads

One of my goals this year is to read more. I tend to read spots here and there of books, or lose myself in articles.   They say that if you write, you must read.  To learn how to write a better story, look at other authors and how they structure their stories.  It is true that you can learn a bit about writing, reading books.

As I proceed with my second book, Amish Johnson and the Leprechaun’s Legacy, I am always learning how to craft a better story — even structure my sentences so they flow easier.

I hope to provide a list of books that I have read, each month on my blog.  I am also going to share with my readers those books I find so fascinating.  Both well established authors, as well as new authors, I hope to read in the coming months.

Almost all books will be in the form of ebooks.   At Christmas I got myself a Kindle HDX and I appreciate how well I can read books on the screen. How wonderful it is to lose yourself in a story for 99 cents. Now that is what I call a cheap hobby.

Where possible, I have put a link to Amazon or other sites where the books can be found.


Book 1


A marvelous story by Martin Lake describing the events of 1066, after the death of King Harold and the rise to power of William the Conqueror.  A first person perspective through the eyes of Edger, the thirteen year old successor to king Alfred.  Burdened with impossible hopes and expectations, mired in fear and treachery, Edgar begins a life-time of resistance to the Norman conquerors.


Book 2


Zoe Saadia is a fabulous writer of Native American fiction. She has close to a dozen other books, covering several cultures of the Americas and Meso America.  I have always been a great admirer of the history and cultures of Meso America such as the Aztec, Mayan, and the Indians of the Great Plains.

In this book the story follows a young boy who through family ties is close to the Emperor.  When the man dies, a domino effect of internal power struggles leads him to perhaps betray his father and family.

Zoe meticulously crafts a believable world, one that very few people seem to know about.  School children all know about the Romans or Egyptians, but many do not realize advanced cultures lasting thousands of years existed in the Americas — civilizations just as magnificent as the power of Rome.


I am fortunate enough to have found a great publishing partner with Eskape Press that is holding my hand and guiding me along the path of my first publish novel:  Amish Johnson and The Pegasus Chamber.

I implore you to visit their site: http://eskapepress.com/ for other marvelous books to read.


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