Where It All Started

Very few of us can remember the event that started a life long hobby.  I have been a gamer as far back as I can remember.  It was easily the mid 70s when I started playing board games.  Rolling dice and making decisions in games quickly became my regular past time.

Sometime in the mid 70s my older brother got into playing strategy games and we moved quickly from Risk, to advance home rules Risk, to Avalon Hill case games.  The first real game I can remember playing on the kitchen table was Starship Troopers, based on Robert Heinlein’s classic novel of a war between men and space bugs.

Starship TroopersThis game was the first real set of rules that I learned.  I am unsure exactly how many times my brother and I played this game. Perhaps no more than a dozen times. I had kept the box for years but recently it just fell apart and eventually was thrown away.

I quickly moved from Starship Troopers to Squad Leader and Ogre.  Both of these other games were great learners. SL was a rich complex set of rules with tiny variances that allowed for replay.  Ogre was simple, fast, and easy.


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