Home Rules

I don’t know about you, but when my friends and I game we rarely play by the rules.  That sounds like cheating, but what I really mean is that we have our own set of house rules, or we take a couple of games and merge them together.  In essence, we make our own games up when we play.

Recently I took the old rules of Starfire and merged them with some rules from Silent Death, creating a hybrid Command & Conquer stellar empire game with a fast and fluid starship combat system.


Silent Death is a game from the old Iron Crown Enterprise.  The last I heard the company went out of business and then bought by a company in the United Kingdom.  I am sure that the Silent Death game met its doom many years ago.

I combined the complexity of Silent Death, with the ease and simplistic rules of Starfire.  Task Force Games is a long defunct game company that made many early strategic games such as StarFire and Starfleet Battles.






Combining the two makes for a fun and quick spaceship combat system.  Using the rules in Starfire III and some additional home cooked rules, my friends and I can continue the battles in a large galactic context.



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