Saturday Gaming

For as long as I can remember, Saturday has been game day.  Over the years we have played so many kinds of games.  For a very long time we played MMOs such as Everquest, World of Warcraft, or the late great game City of Heroes (I really miss that game).  But my friends and I have also played strategic games such as Civilization IV, Masters of Orion II, and lesser known turn based games.  In the old days, we used to all get together and play board games such as Settlers of Catan, Gladiator, Axis & Allies, or many other classic games.

Even further back in time was the era of the Role-Playing games such as my own Phantasm Adventures, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, or countless other great games.

These days I usually don’t have time to have friends over, but that doesn’t stop me from gaming.  Each Saturday we try to pick a game and play it either online or through a dedicated IP.

This week was something special because I got to do a little of everything.  I started the day out playing Hearthstone.  It is a fast little card game played online that reminds me of Magic the Gathering.


I started out loving the game, then I moved into my hating mood, but now I enjoy the game.  It has a learning curve and you need to play multiple decks to build up new cards.  When I first started playing I was losing most of the time, but now I think I am winning more than losing.


After playing Hearthstone for  a while, I moved on to playing Gladiator.  It is a very old game from Avalon Hill, but it is very fun.  Its old school and turns are slow and methodical.  The game is very tactical and you never know if you are going to win or lose until the very last turn.


After playing Gladiator for several hours, and having a bite to eat and stretching my legs, I sat down to play my favorite C&C game, Civilization IV.


In this game I was playing Boudica and was doing quite well until my friend said he didn’t like his civilization and his start.  So we restarted several times over the course of the night but each time something wasn’t quite right.  The last straw that broke the camel’s back was I forgot to turn on Raging Barbarians — we like that to keep the game vibrant.  In the end we agreed to break for the day and start tomorrow.

On Sundays we generally don’t game much, except for maybe an hour or two in the very early morning.

I look forward to next Saturday.  I really want to play some new games but waiting around until I get back from a trip to buy new games.


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