War: Home Cooked Rules for Axis & Allies

My friends and I are big wargamers.  Each week we get together and play some kind of wargame or strategic flavored board, card, or computer game.  One of the biggest problems we have however is that some games are just a bit complex to set up.  Often the rules are a bit heavy too for just an evening of throwing dice and having fun.

I have come up with a set of very basic rules that we use with the board and game pieces with Axis & Allies.  It is very straight forward and has no historical context.  It is more akin to the old game of Risk than anything else.  We use a WWII map simply because it is easier for us to rationalize map places and values assigned to each zone. We like using the pieces of A&A because they are a bit more variety.

The motto is to keep it simple and easy.  Something you can put together in 15 minutes time.

Objective:  Whenever the game ends, the player with the highest zone points wins.

To Start:  Each player rolls 3 times on the chart below to get starting locations of their bases. Troops may start from any of these area, and areas that the player gains control in play.

1 Eastern Canada
2 Eastern US
3 Brazil
4 United Kingdom
5 Western Europe
6 Germany
7 Southern Europe
8 Eastern Europe
9 Ukraine
10 Karelia
11 Caucasus
12 Russia
13 India
14 French-Indo China
15 Kwanttung
16 Manchuria
17 Japan
18 Western US
19+ Pick

Sequence of Turn
1. Each player rolls 1d6, the highest goes first and then proceeds to the right. After all have gone, re-roll initiative.
2. Player to right rolls reinforcements (3d6) and places units & resolves.
3. Spend money on units, tech, and infrastructure
4. Move all units and resolves
5. Count cash and gather money

Each turn before the active player makes his purchases and moves his forces, the player to his right rolls for Reinforcements.   Roll 3d6 and place generated units in any number of non-player controlled zones. These forces can be placed anywhere and may or may not attack the active player’s positions.

Roll Results
3-5 1 Soldier
6 3 Soldiers
7-8 1 Tank
9-10 1 Soldier, 1 Fighter, 1 Tank
11 2 Soldiers and then moves up to 4 units. Can Attack
12 Battleship
13-14 1 Fighter
15 1 Submarine
16 2 Tank and then moves up to 4 units. Can Attack
17 2 Submarinea
18 Carrier & 3 Fighter

Spending Money
Each turn, the active player spends his money he earned from the end of his last action.  This money can be spent on infrastructure, technology, or units.

Infrastructure costs $5 and returns $1 per turn. A factory also reduces the cost of units by 1 if placed in the zone.

Soldier Cost=2 Move=1 Attack=1 Defend=2
Tank Cost=5 Move=2* Attack=3 Defend=2
AA Gun*** Cost=3 Move=0 Attack=0 Defend=1
Only land units can control land zones.

Fighter Cost=8 Move=5 Attack=3 Defend=4
Bomber Cost=12 Move=7 Attack=4 Defend=1
Aerial units can attack zones at 1d6 per attack, subtracting values from cash reserves.

Submarine Cost=10 Move=2 Attack=2** Defend=2
Transport# Cost=15 Move=1 Attack=1 Defend=1
Battleship Cost=25 Move=2 Attack=4 Defend=4
Carrier## Cost=25 Move=3 Attack=3 Defend=2

* If tank is not halted in any way, he can move 3 in a blitzkrieg
** The first attack of a submarine is at 3 not 2.
*** AA guns can only be used against Air units
# Transports can carry 4 land units
## Carriers can carry 4 Fighters

Cost is in dollars. Can be only spent at the beginning of each player’s turn.

Move is the number of land or sea spaces moved. Land units cannot go into the ocean, just as sea units cannot go onto land. Air units can traverse any zone.

Attack is the number or less on a 1d6 of striking a hit on a defender. An attack goes first, but a defender can retaliate. Any hit, causes the other side to remove units as they desire.

Defend is the number or less on a 1d6 of striking a hit on an attacker.

NPN (Non-Player Nation) Parley: If a player desires to move through zones and not seek to control or attack units, he rolls on the following table and resolves the action.

1d6 Result
1   Forces may pass through zone
2   Player pays 2 dollars to pass
3   Player pays 1 dollar per unit passing
4   Those units cannot move this turn (held up in diplomacy)
5   Units must engage any unit in zone
6   Add 1d6-2 soldiers to zone and then engage for at least 1 attack

To Control a Zone:  A ground unit must be in the zone. Air units do not count for control. Any NPN zone always has 2 Soldiers of militia and partisans when a player tries to gain control.

Winner: Highest points controlled
Dan Quayle Reward: Lowest points controlled

Technology: $5 gets you a 2 in 6 chance of success. Roll 3d6 for results

3d6 Results
3 Paratroopers: Soldiers can move 3 zones without need of Parley or sea support (ships aren’t required to move them).
4 MASH Units: Any Soldier removed from combat has a 1 in 6 chance of being healed. Place unit back in any starting zone.
5 Jets: +2 Move, +1 Attack and Defense to aerial units.
6 Strategic Bombers: Bombers can attack any zone on the same continent and return home.
7-10 Metallurgy: All zones values are increase +$1,
11-13 Advanced Armor: Any Tank destroyed in combat has a 1 in 6 chance of being repaired. Place back in any starting zone.
14-15 RADAR: AA guns Defend on a 3!!
16 Chemical Warfare: +1 to attack chances.
17 Rockets: Use AA guns to shoot 2 zones at a 2 attack.
18 Atomic Bomb: Cost $50 and any zone is annihilated. All forces are removed from the game.



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