An Old Game Finds New Life

There are few better things in life than to rummage around in an old closet and find gems of the past.  Old books, forgotten games, and discarded memories.  In this case I found an exquisite box from perhaps the late 80s — tried to find a copyright date but could not find one.  This game captivated me more than so many others at the time.  Perhaps it was that it wasn’t just fantasy, but still could have fantastic creatures.  In the late 80s everyone was tired of the same old run of the mill fantasy campaigns and were looking for easy to play but off the wall sorts of role-playing games.  Avalon Hill had just moved into RPGs, straying away from their stodgy grognard laden strategic board games.  They offered some wildly fun new diversions.  I will never forget this game and the Saturday nights spent playing it:




Tonight I am going to settle back and read the rules again for the first time in 20 years — I know I won’t be disappointed one bit!



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