I am looking for help from my readers. I am starting to work on my next RPG, with its setting of the First Century in Europe.

The new game is tentatively called AD One (1). Its a historical role-playing game that will detail various cultures of the era, allowing players to create characters from the period. Players could be Roman, Germanic, Celtic, or from other lesser tribes. The GameMaster would set up adventures, if you will, in various locations and allow the players to raid or act according to their own motives.

For example, In 9 AD, a revolt of Germanic tribes destroyed 3 Roman legions in the surprise attack at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest and ended in the withdrawal of the Roman frontier to the Rhine. What a backdrop for a RPG, right?

I am looking for sources that I can use to flesh out the campaign setting. I am searching for books that detail the cultures and civilizations of the first century in Europe (if all goes well I could release companions for MesoAmerica, Asia, Africa, and the Asian Steppe).

Any help would be appreciated.


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