Comic Book Awards II

Honorable Mention of the Year Award #2: Cyclops 


There are two reasons why Scott Summers – a.k.a. Cyclops – has been given an Honorable Mention of the Year Award. The first, because of how cool of a character he has developed into, and second, the fact that this year was the first year my favorite X-Man has ever been approved for his first ongoing comic book, depicting his teenager-self from the past. As he’s still suffering in the aftermath of the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, Cyclops is gradually becoming a damaged silhouette of his former self in such interesting ways in Uncanny X-Men. Struggling to lead and seek out new mutants popping up all over the globe while dodging and waging war against the worldwide taskforce that is S.H.I.E.L.D., the architect of The New Mutant Revolution is no longer sitting on the sidelines as the world despises mutants without mercy. In the current storyline, stemming from The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier (whom Cyclops murdered while being possessed by the Phoenix Force), Cyclops desires to draft what looks like one of the most powerful mutants ever in existence to his team for his own purposes. The mutant Scott Summers is turning into something exceptional and is absolutely a character to watch and watch out for as well.

Dishonorable Mention of the Year Award #2: “Doc Green” 


When I think of the Hulk, I picture the timid scientist Bruce Banner cursed with this savage persona of rage which haunts him from the inside- out. All it does is roar, fight, and smash when it’s let loose, and that is what formulates Hulk into the green tank he is. When I read Hulk #5 (August 2014), everything that I liked about the Hulk was thrown out the window. Now preferred to be called “Doc Green”, this new take on the character saddens me. Speaking as if he was a scientist from a well educating university, running a lab, and, dumbest of all, sporting a weird Mohawk for hair, this is an unattractive version of the Hulk. It makes sense because of the story, but the core idea of it all is out of place. From what the plot has offered, Bruce Banner is trapped inside Doc Green’s consciousness, but I would really like for him to come back right now and get things back in order.

Hero of the Year Award: Captain America

(from the pages of Captain America, Avengers, and Uncanny Avengers)3

What a year it’s been for Captain America, I don’t know where to start to adequately relay all he’s gone through. In the beginning of the year he brutally lost his life attempting to unravel the Apocalypse Twins’ rapture of mutantkind in Uncanny Avengers #16 (January 2014) only to return after the timeline was reversed by his fellow Avengers with help from Kang. Then the lost memories of what the Illuminati were up to and had done to him last year returned to anger him wholly against those he used to consider friends in the main Avengers book. This was instantly followed by the Time Gem thrusting Cap and other Avengers further into the future at each point it materialized in front of him. He also spoke an incredibly inspirational speech in Avengers #34 (August 2014) about the importance of saving lives that everyone should read. Finally, as he heroically threw his shield into the core reactor of the Gugnir helicarrier to stop the obliteration of a European country, his super-soldier serum was extracted from his body at the hands of The Iron Nail, turning Steve Rogers into an old man. This year he always stood up, and always tried to do the right and good thing. So, yeah, what a year it’s been for Captain America.

Cover(s) of the Year Award: Avengers (#23-37) 


The covers for all of the issues of Avengers the past year were drawn by various superstar artists. Esad Ribic, Mike Deodato, Leinil Yu, Agustin Alessio, Jim Cheung, Frank Cho, and more contributed their noteworthy, terrific talent to the book. Few other titles could boast such talent, but what really make the covers for Avengers stand out this year compared to other books are the remarkable connecting covers drawn by Leinil Yu from issues thirty through thirty-four. One shattering Infinity Gem graces each cover of that story arc, showing an Avenger and their future selves in surrounding scattered pieces. Put them side-by-side and there you go; a complete, amazing work of art.


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