New Eve Online Player

Back in 2012 I tried a free month of Eve Online.  I played for a couple months but I never could get into the game.  I let my characters drift off into space and I forgot about them.  Recently I was looking for a new MMO to play, having tired of Everquest and Everquest II.  I wanted something different and challenging, so my mind wandered back to the game I tried several years ago.

This time my attitude and opinion of the game has changed drastically.  I am really enjoying the game with the current build and changes that CCP has made over the years.  I am still a huge newbie player, having logged less than two months this time around.

I have collected my thoughts on some ideas that I hope will help other newbie pilots in the game and present them as follows:

Do not use Autopilot. It is a bad habit, first of all. You really don’t need it since you can set up your jumps in advance on the map, then simply follow the jumps as they appear. Autopilot does get you from star A to star R but at a horrible cost of time. Under manual control you can make the jumps much faster and at your own timing. Allowing Autopilot to take control means you will always warp out at least 15000 meters from the warp point. Using Autopilot in low sec or zero space is a death wish. Autopilot in high sec is relatively safe but just slow. I do use it now and then if I am running off for supper or AFK for 30 minutes and I want to move my ship a long distance.


Chat channels, Local tab, is unlike most other MMOs. There is very little chatting going on in the game here. Some of the reason is because information is guarded but mostly because there are other channels better suited for help or frivolous banter. Players will quickly learn to keep quiet here, and those who don’t will be hunted down and bullied, attacked, or tricked into destroying their ship. Help is available as well as corporate channels for those needing assistance, but don’t expect discussions about real world politics, religion, or news. It’s just not something that is done.

Game forums are always troublesome and circumspect, but more so in Eve. A haven for the trolls that often live in Chat Channels in other MMOs I have yet to find a single piece of advice in the forums. Most players will quickly learn that any appeal for assistance or question will be quickly belittled and disparaged. It is just not really worth asking or even reading the commentary on the Eve Forums. It is far better to find a good corporation and ask questions within those channels than wasting your time, and ultimately becoming enraged by the mockery that awaits you in the forums. Eve Administrators do a good job of managing and curtailing most of the posts, quickly locking or closing those that they deem unfit but it still does very little to curtail the horrid community that wait there.

The game is really all about the in game money. Nothing else is lost other than ‘isk’ in the game. In the past, if you died, you could lose time in the game from an older clone. The level of your clone was how many points of skills you have but they changed this so you NEVER lose skills. Essentially if you die, you lose your ship, the installed modules, its contents, and your implants. This can still be extremely costly – You can easily lose 100,000,000 isk with a Frigate depending on many factors. In the end though it’s just funny money anyway, easily replaced.

So don’t fret about dying. Stay cool and just know now and then you will take a hit with your money. If you always have a 100,000,000 isk in the bank the lost isn’t going to hurt as bad


The game is a pure sandbox game, meaning there are unlimited ways to get things done in the game. Although there are “quests” you can do in the game to get ships, money, and valuable items its only one of many ways to have fun in the game.

I have done very few Missions (the quest system in the game). They seem extremely boring to me, but others may find them enjoyable. From what I have determined, you get items and isk (money) from missions AND Standing and Loyalty Points. Standing allows greater access to missions and services at starbases. Loyalty Points can be used to buy precious items such as datacores and valuable starship modules. Missions can be Encounters, Mining, Courier, and Trade. They are five levels of mission difficulty, with higher level missions being more dangerous and also more lucrative.

Keep everything you find and either sell it or reprocess it. Selling it on the market is straight forward. Reprocessing takes almost every item in the game and turns it into basic materials that other players use to Industry items. It’s possible to make a fair amount of isk in the game just reprocessing the loot you get from NPC space pirates (rats). To reprocess something, just go to a base and right click on the item. Reprocess and see what happens. Take the material, right click on that and SELL. Do that for a couple of days and see how much wealth you can obtain – learn from your mistakes and refine your refining process. Skills help, like all things in the game.

Organize bases you visit often with Containers. Buy various size containers and rename them to codify, organize, and detail all the stuff that will eventually obtain in the game. Organization is the key and Containers go a long way towards keeping things straight – Also realize if you keep Blueprints in a container by default that is where items will be put. So if you run into a situation where you can’t find an item made or a warning prevents you from making an item, check you containers.

Eve Online, Mackinaw-class advanced mining barge

The game is rich and deep, so the learning curve is almost vertical on the first couple of weeks. Never think you are doing something the right way, or only way, because surely there are ten other ways of doing it and some may even be better. Fighting, Industrial, PI, Mining, and other ventures that I even haven’t thought of yet are available to you. Keep learning and keep an open mind. Always look for a way to do something faster, cheaper, and easier. There are very few rules in the game, so be aware that everyone is out to make that fast buck – don’t be tricked into a scam (which is completely legal in the EULA of the game). Also realize that you too can try your hand at

You don’t need to make Tier 4 items to make money in Planetary Interaction. Beyond exploring, fighting, and PVP there is a part of the game called PI – Planetary Interaction. Here you create mining and industrial complexes on up to 6 planets making valuable items. There are essentially four tiers of products, and many players are led to believe it is only the top end products that can make any money. From Resources harvested, you gather such things as Noble Gas, Base Metals, or Plasmoids. From there you refine these resources into many other items that can be directly sold such as Oxygen, Water, Precious Metals, or Electrolytes.   These items can be further refined, and also sold for a nice profit, such as Nanites, Oxides, or Viral Agents. At this point these and base items can be refined into Tier 3 commodities. Like lesser stuff, you can sell this on the market too, often for outlandish amounts of isk. Items like Supercomputers, Robotics, and Camera Drones are the last ingredients before the final product. The last PI item often sells for 1,000,000 isk or more – Broadcast Nodes, Nano-Factories, Recursive Computing Modules are just a few of them items that garner such huge isk rewards if you can pull all the items and resources together.


Start small and go slow, making money at first by selling off Tier 1 and 2 items. Graduate upwards to selling Tier 3 items. Expect to spend 50,000,000 isk easily to get into the business of making Tier 4 stuff. Alt characters help greatly on this. Get all your characters level 4 or 5 skills in Planetary Interaction skills.


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