EVEn MMOre: Issue 1

Welcome to my first weekly blog to Eve Online.  I must say up front that I am still such a newbie when it comes to this game, although I have more than 20 years of MMO experience.  I recently came to this game looking for something new.  I had tried the game 2 years ago and could not find my place in it.  Recently because of some gaming friends leaving old MMOs and my desire for more player controlled, sandbox experience I thought I would try Eve Online again.

I have been an altoholic from the very beginnings of playing Everquest 1.  I thought I had found a game that I could just play 1 character but during Christmas they gave all players a free 20 day second training bonus.  Normally you can only train one character at a time in the game.  With the holiday bonus, it was possible to have two characters training simultaneously.  Perhaps it was nothing more than a lure for players like myself who have never tried it — but now I am hooked and have already invested 2 PLEX into continuing two more character training slots.

I created a second account and have another set of guys already.  Unlike other MMOs, Eve Online requires two separate computers to run the games together.  Other MMOs simply needs to create another instances of the game and then ALT-TAB between them.  This is not possible in Eve.  To play another account you need a second computer — perhaps you could have a virtual second computer on the first but not sure how sound and graphics would work on that*.  Luckily there are many 3rd party programs that allow you to have 1 keyboard and mouse to control multiple computers.  I also need to point out that any MACRO software is forbidden to be used by the EULA of the game. I use Synergy to control multiple computers: http://synergy-project.org/ — It works great.  There is a trick to getting both applications to run full screen without minimizing but it is just a setting.

[Edit:  *I have been since told that it is very possible to run two Eve accounts on one computer.  The instructions can be found across the web or you can go here: https://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Multiple_clients — Thanks Nick for pointing this out.]

I original thought of doing a PODCAST for Eve Online and I have a few friends who would like that.  The main reason I have not done that is time and money.  I can write up EVEn MMOre blogs at work and during lunch time while a blog requires several hours in front of the mic.  Secondly, the cost of maintaining a server and the feed is quite expensive.  At some point if I find I am gaining a large audience, I may be talked into doing one (I had great fun back in 2007/2008 over at virginworlds.com with my podcasts of EQual Perspectives and Voyages of Vanguard).  If you would like to hear a podcast, please leave a message on this blog post.


This week I had a hard lesson in Eve Online when I lost my Retriever to a skulking PvPer.  I am not the most ambitious PVP player, probably considered a carebear by others.  I tend to spend my time mining, industry, and planetary interaction.  The other day I found an Ore Anomaly in Low Sec space that looked interesting.  Greed took over.  Intelligence faded.  Unbeknownst to me there is not any ore you can mine in Low Sec that gives any different refined minerals that you can find in High Sec.

Here is my first tip to any new pilot out there: Do Not Mine In Low Sec.  You will die.

Because I got greedy I thought I could mine in Low Sec space and not be bothered.  Mind you, I could have maybe escaped if I put in a Warp Core Stabilizer on my retriever. The only thing that killed me, at least from what I could see, is that I couldn’t warp out.  I am curious if I put +1 or +2 WCSs on my ship if I could have escaped.

But looking back now, it was utterly foolish to mine in Low Sec.  Those that profess such endeavors are simply baiting young pilots into that belief.  They are luring you in for an easy kill.

There is nothing in Low Sec minerals that you can’t find in High Sec — and CONCORD there to protect you.

I may even venture into saying that it is not worth you effort or time to seek out Ore Anomalies in High Sec. Again nothing there is not found in Asteroid Belts.  Some minerals offer better yields but they are much smaller, harder to mine, and require higher skills to effectively gather.  It is far more profitable to mine Veldaspar in High Sec Asteroid Belts — a bit more boring but much greater in profits.

The time to setup and cull the rocks in the anomalies is not worth it.  Stick to the Asteroid Belts in see much greater profit.

Finally,  I was shocked at how much I like using the combination of a Retriever and Covetor.  Both mining barges can gather ore, but each has its purpose and they are DIFFERENT.  The Retriever has only 2 mining lasers while the Covetor has 3 — but this is offset by bonuses to each to make them yield essentially the same. Adding crystals and modules could increase the Covetors return beyond the Retriever, but essentially they are equal.  The Retrievers though have a huge ore bay compared to the Covetors — the latter is best used in “jet canning” mined resources and then returning with bigger cargo ships to pick up the contents of the floating cans.


If you want to know more about the game or discuss tactics, please leave a message.  I am very interested in hearing from other Eve players and would like to gauge my reach.

Talk more next week when I discuss long term Planetary Interactions.


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