EVEn MMOre: Issue 2

Welcome to the second blog devoted to my gaming habit in Eve Online. Another week has trickled by and I am learning so much about the game. Each day I am taking on new skills, ships, and activities in the game.

I have graduated to two accounts, each with three characters. I have my main who has close to 5 months’ worth of skills, a second guy close to three months’ worth of skills. Along with these guys, I have a set of alt characters each with about 6 weeks of skill training. All of them are in a small corporation of friends. I then have two relatively new characters, one on each account that has less than 4 weeks of skills. It truly does not take much skill training to make characters proficient in scouting, planetary interaction, mining, and perhaps even combat. The two latter, and newest to my entourage, are outside of my main corporation in their own two-man outfit. It’s often good to have some characters outside of your normal corporation, so in times of War Dec (open conflict between two companies) you can still move around – picking up new skills, selling ore, buying and trading PI materials. All of my characters mine and perform planetary interaction to some degree, but it’s my primary guys that have the most skills in mining. My last two guys have reached and soon will surpass my other characters in PI ability – presently they are at five planets and one

My main characters are miners, first and foremost. Many players have problems with mining, essentially because it is perceived as being repetitive and boring. I find that dual boxing with mining barges and drones can be soothing. I can also easily busy myself with PI, setting up new mining and trimming my builds with ease. Rats, and the subsequent use of scavengers, also can add a bit of business to the effort, and once again gives a great source of additional income. All of my characters have some skill in mining, but it is imperative to focus and hone skill learning to get the greatest yield and value. My two mains are at 63.5% processing yield which I do not know if it’s good or not, but much better than my lesser alts.




I have my third set of characters that are outside of my primary corporation. They have their own corp and are specialized in PI. I may spend two additional PLEX next month to earn the 5th level skills in Interplanetary Consolidation and Command Center Upgrades. They also suffer in a bit of lack of knowledge in Planetology but this will also be rectified soon. Each character has five planets of resource gathering and helps in production of the primary and secondary characters on their factory worlds. I am unsure how others do PI, but for me I have four worlds producing resources and a fifth world that pulls all the refined resources together. It is a bit more costly in the importing and exporting of resources and raw materials through the Customs Office. I always use a Launchpad to put the resources in the orbital Customs Office rather than simply blasting it into orbit with a bookmark to its location. In the long run it’s cheaper to use a Launchpad.

I am currently running my PI on a mixture of Wormhole planets, HighSec, and Lowsec. I have yet to make up my mind if it is truly worth putting worlds in Lowsec since losing even one ship due to rumbustious players will make the yields far less than the very safe Highsec planets. The yields of planets in Wormholes are incredible. Did I say how incredible the yields are in wormholes! My goal is to make T5 or end PI solutions such as Nano-Factories, Organic Mortar Applicators, Recursive Computing Modules, and Self-Harmonizing Power Cores. I can achieve a modicum results with 6 characters and can without effort make 50 million isk a week (although this is not profit). I am still refining the process and hope to increase the yield and also cut the costs by 25% in the coming week.

Organization is the key in PI. The problem that I have is that I don’t want to waste time with spreadsheets because that becomes too much work…which leans to becoming work. I still want to have fun in the game versus worrying over all the minutia of making isk with PI. My aspiration is to make enough and have fun doing the PI process. At this point, I am achieving this goal. I certainly enjoy spending isk and with PI you can do so in glee. Throwing around 2,000,000 isk is easy in this aspect of the game. In the end I am unsure if I am making a lot of money but it is still very fun.

My secondary characters are a pair of females. I see a lot of women characters in the game but think 99% of them are just guys like me. It would be interesting to know the psychology behind why we make female pilots. I tell people because it may give me that extra 1 second I need to warp out if someone is ready to blast me into hell. Do other pilots consider gender before attacking? I am not sold on this idea but it certainly sounds good. In any event, both my girls are learning skills to pilot battlecruisers. It’s my goal to get them trained as powerful starship warriors. They are also learning some minor skills in PI and mining, one becoming very proficient in Gas Cloud Mining.

I am using +1 learning queue between my second and tertiary characters, turning on and off skill training for 30 days to get the most out of new skill acquisitions. In a single month of training you can get a great number of basic skills but the second month allows you to hone those early abilities. The third month is when you start hitting the 4 or 5 day learning cycle, which quickly leads to the 20 to 40 day learning tree. On my main guy I am waiting on a 20 day skill—boy that is excruciating!! Most of the 5th level skills are at least 20 days long or longer.

Use implants that grant you +1 to +4 in attribute bonus to decrease skill times. In the most basic form, each skill requires X amount of learning points to achieve. A bonus to a particular attribute conveys that bonus into the learning points. So if your character has a 20 Memory and a 21 Perception and the skill requires these two attributes you are gaining 41 per cycle. Adding a +4 bonus to each, increase the learning by 8 points per cycle. This is greatly simplified but you get the idea of how implants work. Implants are a must – however I met a guy who has played for 6 years that never used them. Also note that if you are podded (your pod is destroyed after your ship) you lose all your implants. And lastly, implants can cost easily 30,000,000 isk. It’s a bonus at a big cost.

Next week I will get more into PI, Gas Mining, and my exploits into Wormhole space. Please add my blog to your favorites, add a comment, or send me an email that you like my blog as it always makes me feel good.



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