Then & Now

I don’t normally post comic strips here but this one particularly struck home to me.  Its a shame that companies today must offer games for free then charge for every tiny aspect in the a game.  In the MMO Star Wars of the Old Republic that actually make you pay so that your character can run.  If you don’t pay, your character shuffles around the giant world — ridiculous!

Instead of offering rewards for time or effort in the game, today it is nothing more than how much you are willing to spend — Remember this is supposed to be a FREE game?!?

I can see a basic argument that many people don’t have time to play endlessly in a game, but the doesn’t mean that everything should be for sale either.  Time and effort still must trump a credit card.  The argument for this falls apart when those players who have both the time, effort, and credit card rule the game.  One cannot sell achievements in a game, they must be earned to have value.  Offer a game that is FREE and that time in the game equates into better skills, equipment, and benefits.  Sell cosmetic gear or aspects of the game that make it easier without making it a Pay to Win.



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