EVEn MMOre: Issue 3

Once again I am at the controls of my trusty retriever christened the Nostromo.  Can you guess the reference? if so you are a science-fiction nerd.  My main character in Eve Online is Shalimar Yanumano, and he is primarily a miner by trade.  He has many other friends that specialize in other aspects of the game.  His buddy, Dag Sabor, is another miner but not as handy at the mining laser and the drone controls.  Both guys spend their days cutting up asteroids in search of the elusive ore that will bring them millions of isk (money in the game).  Each foray out into the rocky fields can yield the duo close to 8,000,000 isk and takes about 25 minutes — it is just one way to make money in the game, but for the two it is the most relaxing.

He also has some distant friends who own their own little corporation.  These guys have done nothing more than study the reference books on how to setup colonies, often referred to as Planetary Interaction (or PI for short).  The biggest problem for Pharkus and Salbador is they are stuck in a high sector system and the planets there are simply atrocious for producing high-end equipment used in the production of super computers.  Instead, these guys simply do the best they can harvesting needed minerals and biologicals such as Industrial Fibers, Silicon, and Electrolytes.  From there they ship it off to some girls they know who patrol the most unknown sectors of space.  It is often fraught with dangers but they then combine their resources with the guys and produce tier 5 equipment that can sell for a 1,000,000 isk each.  Just yesterday they got a shipment together and headed for Jita.  Their cargo and sales were:

Wetware computers: 5,600,000

Organic Mortar Applicators: 9,500,000

Recursive Computing Modules: 13,000,000

Self-Harmonizing Modules: 21,000,000

Nano-Factories: 17,500,000

At the end of the sale they made a cool 66,000,000 isk.  That is not pure profit as Pharkus and Salbador have to pay exorbitant fees to launch their products into space.  And of course these guys fly in low security space so they must factor in expenses lost due to ships and graft.

Shalimar knows these two wily young gals that live in the darkest and deepest parts of space too.  They call the wormhole their home.  Inside of these nebulous and mysterious spaces exist rich worlds to plunder, incredible asteroid fields filled with the most precious ores, and mysterious ancient sites littered with ancient technology.  This space is by no means safe….Sleepers are constantly warping into it searching for careless pilots.  And there are also other human pilots often finding new wormholes into the area.  That is why I do not name names or suggest locations of this — even though the holes constantly open and close it is best not to mention too many details.

The young girls have a wide range of skills, as they must mine and also perform PI.  They are building their skills up in combat skills too so that one day they can fly with the rest of the corporation as they hunt down poor fools who wander too close.

It happened just the other day, in fact.  I was in communication with the corporation when they spotted a large ship moving close to one of our controlled wormholes.  It was specced out with a ton of gear to probe ancient sites.  Like sharks, my buddies waited and trawled the area as the ship probed with scanners, found an ancient site, and retrieved metric tons of ancient mega-computers and unknown gadgets.  Then my friends pounced, letting loose rockets, energy beams, and warp bubbles to trap the soloing space archeologist.  It was a tough fight, for the explorer was equipped with the best combat drones known in the universe.  But in the end his ship was destroyed, and for good measure so too was his clone.  It looked like the poor fool lost close to 750,000,000 isk.  That was not a good day for him and surely he felt miserable for a long while.  I was momentarily sad for him, but that is the world we live in.  He could have just played it safe in the high security areas but he chose to come far out into the badlands — he knew the dangers!  The reward wouldn’t be so spectacular if it wasn’t balanced with the dire and dangerous roads that need to be traveled.  Perhaps next time he will fit another weapon in his hold or more armor.  Then again, he may just not venture back into the voids for lucrative treasure.

Each week I play Eve Online I learn so much more about the game.  This week was filled with suspense, intrigue, harrowing escapes, and even a bit of combat.


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