EVEn MMOre: Issue 4

Another issue of Even More is upon us. This last week has been instrumental and galactic shattering for both my characters but also for the game Eve Online. The big news for me is that I have parked my retriever and now sit in a shiny mackinaw ore ship.  This week I finally finished up my last skill I needed to pilot this massive ore harvester and have been wreaking havoc on the mining fields. To use this mighty vessel requires learning Mining IV, Science IV, Astrogeology V, Industry V, Spaceship Command IV, and finally the key skill of Exhumers I. I had learned all of these skills, saving the longest and least useable for me until the last: Industry V.

Shalimar and Dag, using the Foreman skill, work well together. Each gains about 4% extra yield partnering together. Dag is still in his retriever as he is a bit behind Shalimar in learning. I also discovered that I can often make as much money mining ore and processing it, to just selling the raw ore itself. It’s a wash often, but I like selling raw ore because it’s a bit cleaner – processing ore leaves scraps behind that I have to collect and reprocess later.


The other big milestone for me is reaching the 1 billion isk mark. This is on top of each of my characters having at least 80,000,000 isk in their banks and after purchasing the mackinaw and many expensive skills. It’s unsure how long it took me because upon returning to the game, I already had 350,000,000 isk in the bank. Just doing basic mining, the two can make 35,000,000 isk a night (although that is a bit tedious and boring). I am now weighing what I want to do with the 1,000,000,000 isk. Should I buy a PLEX with it (around 840 million) or save it for some really big purchase?

Last month I bought two PLEX which I used to get additional training for my four other alts. I juggled the additional 2 characters on each account with the learning queue and each gained respectable and needed skills. They each now desperately need a 20 day learning skill – that is a rough 3 weeks of waiting and would definitely require more PLEX.

Last week the girls brought to Amarr over 120,000,000 isk in Planetary Interaction cargo. This was a 100% increase from the week before and I can easily imagine this going up another 100% with a few more skills and further refinement of the mining and processing of the resources.


Another big bit of news is with the help of my corporation mate, the two pilots that live in the hole can now win battles against the rats that stalk the mining fields. Up until this week, my hole miners had to run like school children from any battle. Now they can jump into their caracals and give those nasty rats a good thrashing – on their first battle with them they found two nano-threads which sold for 3,000,000 isk each.

The hole is continuing to gain prominence in my gaming in Eve and I hope this week to move 80% of my operation into the nebulous realm. I still need a few planets in high and low sec because of the limitations of the wormhole space, but these can be managed by Salbador and Pharkus, the two guys outside of the large corporations. They could desperately use another 20 days of learning each, at least. The achievement of a 6th planet or that top tier in command centers could push me into 200,000,000 isk mark.

My short term goal for my game is to reach 80 million isk a day, through a combination of mining, PI, rat loot, and of course at some point other players’ ships. My secondary short term goal is to move my main guys, Dag and Shalimar, into the hole permanently.


Long term goal would be to make enough isk to pay for both accounts – I would have to make 2 billion isk a month for that.   I still like spending money and I don’t like to worry about isk either, so I need so much that I don’t fret over it.

As for the Eve Online news, they released their next installment.  CCP likes to call these expansions, but they are really just beefy patches.  In this release, called Tiamat, they have balanced guns, introduced a new ship design, and finally offered some shiny new graphics.

As for the last patch, I have already turned off the asteroid field graphics.  Although interesting, I found it far too busy for my miners to care.  It really added nothing to the game except it made it even more hectic and chaotic while in the asteroid fields.



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  1. If your living in a wormhole check out gas mining. It only takes a little bit of training to get into a Venture and the gas will generally net you much more ISK than mining.

    I started out gas mining in lowsec to buy rifters for pvp…ah the memories lol.

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