EVEn MMOre: Issue 5

I find it fascinating to look back over the course of several weeks and see my growth in the game.  Most of my long term goals, some of which is to pay for training with isk, is still out of reach.  I am getting closer to achieving this lofty goal, but need a bit more skill.  A number of short term goals have been reached and this is truly exciting.

My long term goal is still to generate 2 billion isk a month, with a more short term and realistic path to reach 1 billion isk; probable in the next 30 days. My hope is that with increased revenue I could take that and buy PLEX so as to allow my secondary and tertiary characters more training.  I am comfortable with the fact I will be paying a subscription for the foreseeable future. Most of my wealth at the present is coming from High Sec mining and Wormhole Planetary Interaction.

Generic_05_2500In mining, its really all about the acquisition of valdespar.  For someone new in the game, make that your goal.  Veldaspar is the easiest money.  Certainly other refined ores are rare and costly but everything either comes with risk or complication.  Get the biggest ship you can and hit High Security zones for the largest valdespar asteroids.  Rinse and repeat.   It is better to sit comfortably in High security mining valdespar than risking ship and life trying to mine higher prized ores.  Setup even on Ore Anomalies are often not worth it.  I can mine valdespar quicker, cycling thru the mineral, than roaming around trying to find Omber, Jaspet, or Krynite.

Planetary Interaction is pretty much awash in High and Low sec. The planets are just not that rich of materials to make it worth of the setup stations.  Secondly, the export tax on most of these worlds are at least 10%, which cuts deep into any profits.  I have seen some worlds 15% or more.  It would be different, or explainable, in Low sec space if they guaranteed a safe system but the owners of the orbital stations do nothing other than take your isk.  PI in wormhole space is a completely different matter — dangerous surely but your corporation owns the orbitals (and at least in my case) and charges very little to import or export materials.  This makes high end processed material very valuable.

Dust514My short term goal was to learn probing.  I had tried it the first time I played Eve two years ago and just could not get the hang of it.  Things have been simplified a bit over the years and with help from my corporation allies, I have learned how to do it now. This opens up another whole revenue stream for me.  The finds in these wormholes could catapult me further along in isk than anything I could mine or PI.  Time will tell on this, as I have yet to run more than a few of these sites.

I have brought more guys into the hole since the last time I posted.  For the most part I enjoy living in a wormhole and keep very busy doing my thing. Because of some issues, I still have two guys that live in High security space.  I cannot see them moving into the hole anytime soon, but we’ll see.

In the last week I also bought a number of cybernetic augmentations.  If you haven’t done this, I suggest you get the skill (Cybernetics) and then buy the +3, or at least the +2, bonus to all attributes.  Doing so for me took my learning from 19 days down to 14 days (roughly) or giving me a bonus of five entire days.  The only downside, aside from their cost, is if you die you’ll lose the augments too.

I am still trying to learn skills to perform Tech II industry.  I think that is at least 60 days away since I have so many other skills I want to get before the needed level 5s to make Tech II items.

Two of my characters did learn Cloaking level 5 so they can start to think about Covert Operation ships — I still need more skills in flying those ships however.

Very excited about learning how to probe. This is really huge!


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