Return of the Dark Age of Camelot

Last night I resubscribed to a game that I hadn’t played in more than twelve years.  In gaming terms, that is a millennium of time.  I did not even think Dark Ages of Camelot was still in operation.   I thought the sun had set on this game, like so many other classic fantasy MMOs.  To my surprise the game is still active and there is a respected number of players.

I looked around on the web and found some statistics, with a general figure of 2000 active accounts.  No doubt some of these are dual or even tri-boxed.  There is also essentially one server now, Ywain.  You can freely move between the twelve shards so it is no longer an issue to debate what server you are going to join.


The last time I played was in the Summer of 2003.  I think I may have played a few weeks over the years when I would get a free month but it has been at least five years since I seriously even looked at the game.  As I said, I was flummoxed when I discovered the game was still in operation.

New players get 2 week to try it out but then it is $15 a month to play.  As far as I can tell there is no real money transactions or micro transactions in the game.  Hooray!  There is also no stupid list of themed cosmetic crap to spoil the world — no ugly pink unicorns, no over sized penguin mercenaries, no ridiculous pets, etc…  Games such as Everquest I & II, World of Warcraft, and other games have been destroyed in my opinion by all this glitzy trash.  Players today seem drawn to this candy-coated shit.  When confronted with their outlandish prizes (always paid for) they get hot under the collar, yelping that they should be able to play any way they want and have their fantasy as they choose.  Well then, go have it it all these other horrible fantasy melee games.

call_to_armsThe graphics still hold up well after all these years. It is no Guild Wars by any means, but its not unplayable. Some older games just have such horrible controls and graphics, they are not worth even trying again. Not so with Dark Ages of Camelot.  The game can be clunky at times, often I notice when turning my character that it stutters.  Some graphics appear to have been updated, but even so its still at least 6 years old in graphics.

I simple revel in the old school fantasy rpg fun of Dark Ages of Camelot.  I would rather pay $15 a month (really 50 cents a day to play) then constantly be wooed and cajoled into spending more.  I have never found a player that strictly played for free in those RMT worlds — they say they do, but on closer examination they always have the glitzy adds.  Its like the gambler who says he never spends more than 50 bucks or the guy who says he wins all the time — Vegas was not built on winners.  MMO companies with RMT don’t stay in business from free players.  Stop the lies and just admit it.

Upon my return I found most of my old characters.  I also started in a new realm with a few new guys just to play the game from a different perspective.  I don’t recall much about the game. I remember older places but not much about them.  I am really going to enjoy all the zones again.

I need to find a good source of tactics, strategy, and hints.  I am woefully forgetful of how to play all of my toons. I have several pure melee characters, along with a fine array of magic users.  I was never much into the PvP or PvR aspects of the game. Back in the day I spent most of the time with PvE.  I look forward to trying all aspects of the game.

New players can get 2 weeks so why not try it and find me in game.


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