EVEn MMore Issue 6

Easter is about rebirth and I certainly saw that yesterday in Eve.  Once again my ship was blown up.  Not just once, not twice, but three times.  Admittedly one of the times was a direct fault of myself.  Really all three are solely my fault, but two were from direct intervention of other players.


My stupidest destruction was my second debacle when I was flying a Venture around the hole skimming gas.  I just finished clearing one gas field when I decided to try another.  I had already probed down and cleared the gas fields of rats with my Ferox.  Except for one that had these real nasty gun towers.  Even in my battlecruiser I was hammered hard coming out of warp.  I tried to destroy them, but it was obvious that I was going to lose and worse not even destroy one.  There was five of these platforms on this gas site.  I thought I was safe because I remembered which of the three remaining gas sites had those nasty towers.  I remembered wrong!!  I brought my Venture into the occupied site and before I could align to the star, I was blown to a million bits. Luckily they didn’t get my pod (or maybe rats don’t care about that?)!  Scratch one Venture.

Losing that Venture I thought I would head off to Hek and get a new one.  Really make it a shiny new ship with the latest modules.  Spent probably ten million isk and of course I didn’t insure it. I brought it back and decided to ore mine instead of gas.  The w-space had been quiet for a few hours and the ore site was within 4 AU of the Hi Sec  hole so I thought I would be safe if I tapped my D-Scan while I mined.  Well that was my mistake!!  The Helios must have slipped in through the C4 hole and knew the layout of the hole.  Never saw anything other than a few seconds before my ship exploded, the web and lasers seething through my haul.  BAM!!  Another Venture lost and another ten million isk down the drain.  Either he let me go or I was quick with the warp because at least he did not pod me.

That was the last ship I lost that day.

imagesThe real loss came when my corporation mate was running some PI.  Normally this is a pretty safe operation as things go in the hole.  Suddenly he was bubbled in his Epithal and asking for help.  Stupid me, at first I didn’t understand his plea and jumped to the POCO with my probing ship.  DOH!!   I Warped out and came back with my Ferox ready to do battle.  I saw space littered with bubbles.  I am still a complete newb to this kind of fighting, so I targeted the closest enemy and shot towards it with seven heavy ion blasters trained on the little ship.  Suddenly I was bubbled and I knew it was all over.  I did have the wits about me to eject and warp my pod to the star — so I never did lose my clone and some expensive cybernetic implants.  I lost most of those last week when my pilot was destroyed doing another stupid endeavor.

My friend came out worse on this debacle losing some 400,000,000 isk worth of stuff.  I probably lost 100,000,000 isk of ship and modules.

To be fair to myself, I am still a big newb to space battles.  I have been involved with maybe four or five fights and lost every one of them.  Another corp mate said I should just buy 100 inexpensive frigates and just expect to die 99 times with them.  Its paying your dues in the game, I guess.  Its disheartening to die in the game but its just a big part of the game.

Perhaps one day I can get revenge against some of these nasty pilots.  Or chastise newbies like me with their first 100 ships?  I am getting better, as at least I know how to warp away with my pod.

Greed on my part is why I lost two ventures this weekend.  I should have just ore mined in High Sec.  Or check out each gas site first with the battlecruiser before going into an “unknown” gas site.  Next time I will record my findings in the bookmarks about rats and other aspects of gas sites.


Beyond my debacle over the holiday weekend, I have overall been doing quite well in Eve.  Late last week I made two forays into Amarr and Jita selling close to 500,000,000 isk worth of high end PI and modules gleamed from rats.  Money is always a good thing and I seemed to have found ways of making enough to keep ships around (for now).

I also learned how to probe.  I never thought I would figure this out. I’m a rather slow learner and I get very frustrated easily. I quit things I don’t understand, too.  A bit of prodding and help from a certain corporation mate got me into practicing this every day.  Now I am rather confident about my abilities.  I still take a while to probe down all the anomalies in our hole, but I know I can do it.  A good thing when no one else is on and I need to figure out what is out there.

I am also learning skills so I can do data and relic sites.  I think I have the skills down but have yet been in a situation when I can try these two types of anomalies.

Getting back to greed, I think for the most part that is the reason I die in the game.  Three things I need to remember:

1) Always be on a mic when corps mates are on.

2) Keep eyes on the holes coming into our space — C4 and Hi.

3) Use the high security space as much as possible.  Mining in the hole is just not really worth it.  The ores there are no different than ore is High Security.

My worst problem is that I am six hours different from 90% of the pilots in my alliance.  I may see them for an hour a day.  Being alone in a worm hole is a daunting ordeal — pilots coming into that sort of space are there for one reason and its not to be friendly.  For the most part, I can dance around inside the w-space and do what I need doing.

Last month I bought with my earnings in the game 2 extra training slots — that was very expensive and I won’t be able to do it again this month.  It is odd that Extra Training PLEX is more expensive than normal PLEX.  I would think it would be the other way around.  Why use the Training PLEX when you can use normal PLEX for the same thing and pay 15,000,000 less isk for it. Dumb.  Going rates in the game are about 770,000,000 to 810,000,000 isk for a PLEX,   I may try to undercut that but its a lot of money to tie up for a couple of weeks if no one takes the bid.


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