A Special Eve Moment


I know I shouldn’t get all excited over this.  Someone else had to lose 30,000,000 isk when I blew up their retriever this morning but that is the nature of the game.  That is why all the players really log on.  I have been blown up a half dozen times, losing far more than a mere 30 million isk. The really big thing is that its my first kill in the game.  I have been playing for about 3 months but up until today always got into matches that ended badly for me.

This morning I was cycling through my characters doing my standard morning PI.  I have only about 30 minutes before having to go to work so really can’t do much in the game.  Suddenly I noticed on D-Scan a retriever within 14 AU of my position.  There could be only two places that ship would be, both cleared of rats.  Some bloke was actually mining ore in our hole!  How galling is that? I thought it may be a trap, but I just had to take my chances.

I switched over to my shiny new Ferox.  I knew I would never get this guy since my guns are blasters and their reach was 5000 meters.  I thought I could scare him though.  I also put on a module for warp interdiction and a low end cloak just in case.

I warped out to the first ore site and to my surprise he was there mining kernite.  He just sat there?  I was at over 60 kilometers and needed to be within 20 to hit him with my cheesy ‘dictor.  I was positive he would warp out at any moment.

I poured on the afterburners but my sluggish boat still waddled closer at 332 meters per second.  I sat and watched.  At 35 Kilometers he still hadn’t moved but I could lock on him which did.  Surely alarm bells in his cabin would be going off and he would jump.  But he didn’t!  So I moved closer.

At 20 KM I was close enough to fire the dictor, but waited again until I was at 15 KM because what sense would it be if my guns were way out of range.  At 15 KM I fired my interdictor module and the wafting beams of light encapsulated his ship. I set my course to a 500 meter orbit, knowing it would be further out then that  — I probably should have set it at 2,500 meters because my guns optimal range was 5000.  But I was nervous and just wanted to be close enough.

At 9000 meters I opened up on him with 5 hobgoblin drones and 7 Heavy Ion Blasters!!  Surely this twit would move off, but maybe the guy had gone off to watch TV or something.  His shields were ripped away, then his armor, and finally at half hull I noticed on D-Scan a Ferox warped in.  I drove on, firing everything I had into him.  And with a woot of victory the ship exploded.

In my panic of seeing the oncoming Ferox, I turned my drones on him and started targeting the incoming ship. I then thought of the pod, but I had no clue on really finding it.  I looked on the screen but couldn’t find it there and my D was empty other than the new target.  Perhaps he warped out.

I should have stayed and fought the new Ferox, but I was nervous that he may have me out gunned.  I was thinking it was really a trap and that I was going to be ganked — I have had that happened to me twice before.

Being a newb my ship is still underpowered and my skills only two months old.  So I fired some parting shots then warped out to a safe spot.  At first I thought I may have been interdicted as the seconds waiting for the warp drive seemed to be minutes, but I shot out into deep space.

I turned around and waited.  I saw another ship warp in (via the D-Scan) and then I jumped to a safe spot behind big guns.  All around me flashed hobgoblins and I saw a few ships come and go but none must have ever gotten close enough for the station cannons to fire.

It was time for work but I lingered long enough to find my kill on the boards and screen captured it for posterity.  Man, I was feeling geeked.  It will be short lived, I know.  In a few days I will be ganked or blown up, but I will take each of my wins with a smile on my face!!


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