Take a look at this article on my other gaming blog that pays tribute to my tongue-in-cheek clone of Melee/Wizard. Bloodbath and Bloodchant was printed in the late 90s as an alternative to the still highly regarded simple RPG called Melee or Into the Labrynth.

Bloodbath II

bloodchant: A direct sequel, and the magical rules to the world of Helboria, Bloodchant is set of rules for the Bloodbath series of games. Published in 1988 by my own publication company, TC International. This is another example of my ability to write, edit, design, and finish complete role-playing games.

Bllodchant is a ruthless game of mystical spells and grisly arcane death. Players take on the personae of a haughty wizards bent on mastering arcane rituals, chants, and demonic conjurations. The wizards, sometimes accompanied by bloodthirsty adventurers, search the lands for treasure, glory, and grimoric relics left long, long ago by gods and demons. The wizards of Bloodchant will forge bone-jarring, blood curdling spells able to snap a man’s mind as easy as a child breaks a small twig, or render a monsters flesh to crimson oatmeal. Along the pathway of discovering ancient arcane spells, the wizards will happen across…

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