Heroes & Rogues: Rolemaster Companion

Its been more than 21 years since I wrote this companion to the RPG Rolemaster.  The company in the early years rose to glorious heights, then fell into ruin and was forgotten for years.  Recently ICE was purchased by an English company and is releasing new products.  They were also selling my book without regard to my copyright, but after a lengthy series of emails they agreed to pay me a small pittance of a royalty in return that the book becomes their property — after some internal debate I took them up on their offer.  In the next few months I will surrender my rights to the game and the characters described in it.  Sad, but it has been almost a quarter of a century.

Have you ever needed a detailed Non-Player or Player character at the spur of the moment, complete with skills, spell lists, and background, but did not know where to turn? Wonder no longer, your search is over! Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues is the answer–complete game information for 24 Rolemaster characters at seven different levels. Get your players ready, because your Rolemaster campaigns may never be the same.

Published in 1991 by Iron Crown Enterprises, this book is a culmination of my efforts working with Villains & Vigilantes, my own games (such as Bloodbath and Bloodchant), and the efforts overseas (Phantasm and Advanced Phantasm Adventures).


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