Baktun — RPG of an Alternate Mesoamerica

The world of Baktun is an alternate universe, parallel to Earth in all ways save for one horrifying reality. The Black Death of Europe, in the 14th century, decimated the Eurasian continent sending it back to the Stone Age.  There is no discovery of the New World, because there was simply no Renaissance. Europe and Asia has fallen into utter decay and desperation, humanity clinging barely to what little civilization that is left. The ships filled with white devils, never arrived in the lands of the people of Mesoamerica. The great empires there rose and fell, not according to the Spanish or other European powers, but by the god kings of Mesoamerica.

f1a27ac0a56a3ecac9de3e31f36c8816The people and cultures of Baktun never invented the wheel or had access to beasts of burden. They sidestepped the Industrial Age too, using their advanced mathematics and understanding of forces beyond the knowledge of our modern science to create their own history. Many times have the great empires of ancient Mexico fallen into utter barbarism, but each time they have risen from the jungle and desert to spread their culture and powers into the lands of the Americas. The quirky and powerful science of black matter, dark energy, and the forces of the gods expounded by countless new civilizations and cultures magnified their ability to create wondrous devices that even today would seem magical or unbelievable.

In this world gods truly exist, beings of such tangible powers that serfs and priests alike dare not sneer upon their dogma and religious ceremonies. Born from sacrificing blood, magic and eldritch power hold firm a grasp in the lands of Baktun. Gods both minor and powerful rule the kingdoms with force, armies from the Aztec, Mayan, Toltec, Olmec, Mixtec, and Incan doing their biding.

Runes and symbols harnessing the energy of tachyon, neutrino, and subatomic particles are the panoply of priests and magicians, using them to unleash devastating and miraculous effects. Tapping into the forces of dark matter and energy, the power of gods, they summon unimaginable powers into our dimension.

The time is upon us, the last of the Fourteenth Baktun or the End of Days! The unknown kingdoms to the east place it on 21st of December in their year of 2012.

56986.ngsversion.1421961423489.adapt.768.1It is now that the gods shake the world! The near omnipotent mortal kings equally tremble the Earth with armies in the hundreds of thousands, marching toward new lands to conquer and the search for endless sacrifices — Blood must be acquired to stave off the End of Days. Perhaps akin to another universe when their world spun into a chaotic storm of global war, the fourteenth Baktun is a harsh and violent period in the final expansion of Mesoamerica. Will the empires survive or will the world end as the oracles have prophesied?

Scattered throughout Mesoamerica are ancient ruins, long forgotten cities, pyramid temples dedicated to gods of ancient times. Wealth, power, and eldritch items await the brave adventurer bold enough to rediscover the lost lands. In one of these ancient and vanished places, the key to the new Baktun lay long forgotten.

Adventurers from the long lost Triple Alliance are being brought together and given freedom to travel the lands in search of such places. Go now and find the key to the fifteenth age of Baktun!



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