My Creator-Owned Graphic Novel is Now on Kickstarter!


Have you ever had a dream? Have you ever wanted something so bad that it kept you up at night and made you feel even slightly nauseous when thinking about it for too long? Have you ever been so close to fulfilling a passion project that you’ve spent months, hours upon hours, and every last dollar on? Have you ever had a story you knew you had to tell and you knew were the only one who could tell it? Well, that’s where I am at this point in time with my graphic novel series, SEASONS.

Here’s the description of the series:

“SEASONS is an original, creator-owned comic book drama for readers who want be a part of a deep and serious one year journey that will challenge how they look at themselves, others and the world around them. The story of SEASONS revolves around one character, Fletcher Hart Iiams, a misunderstood, average young man who isn’t happy with his life anymore and has run away from almost everything and everyone. The entirety of this series will span over one year of Fletcher’s life as SEASONS is planned to be four separate but interconnected stories that follow the seasons of the year. The title has a two-fold meaning: the seasons of the year and the “seasons” people go through throughout their lives. There will be four graphic novel stories — Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter — and each storyline deals with a combination of different obstacles, enemies, themes and problematic situations the main character will have to face all set in real time. Fletcher is given a new set of powers with every seasonal transition as well; as the world changes, so does he and his abilities. It is an allegorical character study piece ultimately about finding a reason to live in this world that will drag you down with it if you let it.

This is SEASONS, a comic book drama presented by Nandor Fox Shaffer and Anthony Gonzales-Clark”



My name is Nandor Fox Shaffer and SEASONS is my independent, creator-owned passion comics project that I began creating and writing a few years back. Last September I launched the series at I’ve been posting two pages of SEASONS weekly every Monday and Friday on the official site since, where anyone and everyone can read it entirely for FREE and with the hopes of garnering a healthy and continually growing fanbase. As of today, the entire first three issues of SEASONS are up on the official website to read, and the site itself is just shy of 10,000 views/visits. The fourth and final issue of the Spring story arc, the first in the series, is currently being posted as we speak.

And, even more importantly, as well as the entire point of this whole process, I just launched the first Kickstarter for SEASONS Volume 1: Spring here at

I need the total of $6,500 to print, ship and distribute 500 quality hardcover copies of this first book. It’s not a small amount, but I most definitely believe we can make this happen.




“I am really glad you sent [SEASONS] my way. It looks really cool, and I can’t wait to see it unfold. VERY strong start.”
– Brian Michael Bendis (Modern-day Marvel Comics legend and writer of Ultimate Spider-Man, Secret Invasion, New Avengers, Avengers, Alias, Powers, Daredevil, Uncanny X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many, many more)

“You guys are making a strong comic and I love finding new stuff that I’m shocked at when I see the quality. It’s rare in the webcomic world. I can’t wait to follow what you guys do.”
– Jason Brubaker (Highly-successful self-publishing comics creator of reMIND, SITHRAH, and Unnatural Talent)

“With lovingly detailed and textured art in a style not unlike what you might see from a Sean Gordon Murphy or James Harren comic in the stores today, SEASONS asked me to take a breath, to step inside a frame of mind that was all too familiar, and to recall the excitement and angst that comes along with the territory.Beneath the daydreams and obsessions (and the self-torment that must always balance them), I discovered a psychological exploration of the strange and the unknown that reminded me of Twin Peaks, Alan Wake, or Legion, while tugging on thematic threads one might find in Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground. It is very much its own story though, and I can tell it was written because it had to be written. And to me, that means it demands my attention.”
– Levi Hoffmeier (Creator, writer and artist of the beautiful sci-fi space-opera comic series Mayflower)

As you can imagine, it’s not easy running everything by yourself. Trying to self-publish SEASONS has been one long — sometimes frustrating, of course — learning experience. By the time I’m done financing SEASONS Volume 1: Spring, I will have spent over $12,000 out of my own pocket (don’t worry, you read that number right). I even went so far as to postpone earning my college degree because I want this to succeed more than anything. This series means everything to me, and I want to share it with the world. I’m hoping you’ll trust me enough and give me a chance to share it with you, too.

So, please, check out the Kickstarter page and back SEASONS today. We have some sweet and affordable deals for everyone (just buying the hardcover book is only $20), and I’ve laid out all the info regarding how much everything costs and when you can expect SEASONS Volume 1: Spring at your door. Backing it would mean so much.

And don’t forget, you can read SEASONS entirely for FREE @ if you’re not sure you want to pledge towards the Kickstarter. This way you know exactly what you’re getting from Anthony and I.

Thanks, guys. I hope to get SEASONS in your hands very soon!

~ N. Fox

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