Civ IV: Mods


Extreme2 V4.0 with dozens of new units, technologies, buildings, tweaks, enhancements.


Reposting elsewhere ASAP

Version 4

As of September 17, 2011 version 4 is the latest iteration of the Extreme2 mod.  Additional late game rule fixes and adding of several new UU (unique Units) to the game have been added.

Version 3

Not be be confused with my earlier project ExtremeMod, this is the newest build as of August 7th of 2011. This mod is based on the last known update of the Thomas War Mod with animated leaders and bug fixes. From that point I went through and added more than a dozen techs and dozens of new units, mostly Unique Units and Unique Buildings. I also added more than fifteen new Bonus Resources and recompiled the way improvements are made. I added two new pathing systems: Paths and Sealanes (both brought over from ExtremeMod) with the latter ocean transit system having a new graphic.

At this point the mod is just so huge I cannot test all the different cultures with all the different UUs and UBs – It seems very stable, but I have not played all variations possible. There should be at least three Unique Units for almost every civilization, and sometimes two Unique Buildings.

Future installments of Extreme2 will add a 4th UU and 3rd UB to most civilizations as well as new tech.

As a basis for all computer AI, I have made Adolph Hitler unplayable and subsequently given him some extra capabilities to be a worthy adversary. I suggest playing on NOBLE difficulty, while letting the AI play on WARLORD.

# of Cultures: 82
# Cultural Leaders: 149
# NEW Bonus Resources: 16
# of Path Types: 3
# of NEW Techs:35+


You can download this mod here at:        Looking for a new posting place

Multiverse, version I is finally ready to be released to the general gaming public. After several months of coding and more polishing and playtesting, the mod is ready for people to play.  Multiverse is a mod much different than its predecessor  named ExtremeMod and completely different than my other mod Extreme2.  Multiverse was based off from ExtremeMod but because of its new direction in gameplay and not to be confused with Extreme2, I decided to rename the original mod and start a new line of fantastic gaming.

Multiverse is a rich and exciting game, much more difficult than many other mods and specifically more so than Extreme2.  In multiverse, you will be required to have a specific resource to build a unit or a building.  There are a scant few number of beginning units and buildings that do not need a resource, and there are a few “mercenary” units that do not require a resource, but most do.

Multiverse has 65 resources : Aluminum, Ancient Ruins, Apple, Banana, Barley, Brimstone, Buffalo, Camel, Clam, Coal, Coffee, Computer Software, Copper, Corn, Cotton, Cow, Crab, Crystals, Dye, Elemental Storm, Feywood, Fish, Fur, Gems, Gold, Hardwood, Herbs, Hit Movies, Hit Musicals, Hit Singles, Horse, Incense, Iron, Ivory, Ley Line, Liftwood, Marble, Oil, Olive, Orange, Pearl, Pig, Psionics, Rice, Rubber, Salt, Sheep, Shrimp, Silk, Silver, Spices, Spirit, Stone, Sugar, Sulfur, Tea, Tin, Tobacco, Unholy Ground, Uranium, Whale, Wheat, Wild Animals, & Wine.

Multiverse has 176 technologies, which I am not going to list all of them here they include the basic tech from Civilization IV and: Abstraction,  a series on Atlantean technology, Desert Living, Forest Culture, Tropical Culture, Steampunk Technologies, Fantasy Technology, Mastery of Monsters & Creatures, Road Systems & Sea Lanes, and Dinosaur Technology.

Multiverse has 302 units, with most being non-unique units.  Having so many non-unique units allows every civilization to build a plethora of unit types from basic technological units such as spearman, swordsman, and bowma; to the fantastical creations of undead, elves, dwarves and demons; and towards the end of the game players will have the capability of building an array of steampunk units as flying ships, skyknights, and clanky robots.

Multiverse has 142 buildings, most of them being again not unique and available for all civilizations to build them.  Most civilizations has at least one unique building, but some do not.  But in almost every case, buildings require specific resources to build making the game much more difficult to win. Beyond the 142 buildings, there are 129 Wonders that offer all so many special capabilities and bonuses.

Multiverse has 42 Civics. Please NOTE you will need to run the game higher than standard resolutions or the entirety of the Civic screen will not be shown.  This is not a bug but just how the game draws the Civics screen.  A new column of Civics have been added that incorporates Magic and Steampunk technologies.

Multiverse has 140 leaders of roughly 90 different civilizations.  Many new civilizations and leaders were added in the core mod, Thomas’ War and I have added a smattering of other civilizations too.  Most notably is the inclusion of the Iskar race and the Atlantean race.

With this version, Multiverse has added the Iksar race as the Barbarians.  For centuries the lizardmen have watched with envy as man conquered its world. Now the Iksar are striking back — Will they enslave you?  Do you have the stamina to withstand their onslaught?  Fight or be conquered!?!



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