Check out Phantasm Adventures IV

Welcome to the world of Phantasm Adventures IV! This is the first of many books that will help you play this fantasy role-playing game. Use this book to generate a character for the game. It contains:
• 10 Player Races
• 75+ Background Picks
• 6 Factions, each with 100 levels
• 6 Professions
• 200+ skills
• 25+ Experience Goals
. . . And all the rules you need to play the game!

All the rules necessary to create endless combinations of fantastic characters:




Phantasm Adventures Returns!

Over the weekend I made the decision to release my greatest role-playing game I have ever designed. It is the quintessential game of high fantasy with more than fifty-five player races, thirty factions, two hundred skills, a magical spell system unmatched in any game ever published. It also comes with the world of Monokon: a rich and delicious world full of mystery, discovery, and unbounded adventure.

I am also very excited to have some top notch artwork finally gracing its pages. As I look at the project, I foresee five books each about 100 pages long. I will release them in various quality from the basic pdf (containing just the rules), a grand edition (containing rules, art and simply page flashings), to the premium pdf (all the pages in color).

Best of all, I have decided to release them series of books all free.

My plan is to release each book every couple of months, with the first one being ready in early June. If you wish to receive the game, simply drop me an email at: and mention Phantasm Adventures in the subject.


Phantasm Adventures: Rules and Screen

First published in 1985 under my own publication house, later in 1987 and 1988 it was picked up by a Japanese publication company specializing in models, dioramas, and gaming.  The union of myself and the company last ten years with dozens of books and articles published on Phantasm Adventures, Multiverse, and other related subjects.


Phantasm Adventures: Guide to Monokan

Phantasm Adventures: Guide to Monokan

In this huge companion book to Phantasm Adventures and Advanced Phantasm Adventures, we discover the lost world of Monokan. Detailed through the book is the major continent from which adventures untold, begin. More than ten thousand years of history are detailed, as well as the Almanac like descriptions of the varied empires of the land. Follow through the book and read details about the Throom Dynasty, the Maldake Combine, the mysterious Wild Lands, the rambling Kingdom of Jeg.

Read about the infamous Mog Apes, the Spires of Norrandar, the legendary wizard Azaroon and Thobar. Experience so much that mere words cannot describe all the mystery and wonder.


Misty Island Adventure

Misty Island Adventure: Published in 1990 by Dai Nippon Kaiga for my Japanese fantasy role-playing games called Advanced Phantasm Adventures. The quest takes the group of adventurers to a series of islands to the south of Maldake. The islands are wrapped in a mystical force of power and mystery. Buried deep within the archipelago is a resident evil that must be stopped. Can the group quell the evil forces and re-establish harmony in Monokan.


Most Wanted Three

Most Wanted: Three

This was my second published adventure module for the great pen and paper role-playing game, Villains & Vigilantes.  Published in 1986 it contained rules and guides on 30 nefarious villains to battle against your local super hero group.  Interior and book cover art was drawn and inked by Patrick Zircher.  I still have very fond memories of my Saturday trips to Jeff Dee’s house where we would play for 12 hours in the worlds of V&V, Tekumel, and others. 



bloodchant: A direct sequel, and the magical rules to the world of Helboria, Bloodchant is set of rules for the Bloodbath series of games. Published in 1988 by my own publication company, TC International. This is another example of my ability to write, edit, design, and finish complete role-playing games.

Bllodchant is a ruthless game of mystical spells and grisly arcane death. Players take on the personae of a haughty wizards bent on mastering arcane rituals, chants, and demonic conjurations. The wizards, sometimes accompanied by bloodthirsty adventurers, search the lands for treasure, glory, and grimoric relics left long, long ago by gods and demons. The wizards of Bloodchant will forge bone-jarring, blood curdling spells able to snap a man’s mind as easy as a child breaks a small twig, or render a monsters flesh to crimson oatmeal. Along the pathway of discovering ancient arcane spells, the wizards will happen across undead, demons, and horrors so terrifying that many of the mortals will fall to a stupor, their mental state reduced to that of gibbering children. The Bloodchant awaits….



Multiverse: My second Japanese game, published in 1991 by Dai Nippon Kaiga. It was my opus science fiction role-playing game, that laid the ground work for future development in an open-ended rpg without race, class, or level mechanics.

From within the multiverse characters can be created to represent any timeline or varient human being; alternatively, the rules allow you to create beings from the wildest imaginations: beings of any scale, mass, or composition; utilizing magic, technology or forces unknown to the rest of the universe; inventing and equipping devices and tools that can be as simple as sticks and stones, to that of powers so vast that their mere thought can spiral human consciousness into oblivion.

Assemble a team of adventurers from across the universe; from any dimension, time, or epoch period to do battle with forces great and small. Ply through time and space in vehicles or via magical doorways, invent new devices of wonder and rediscover ancient relics lost to the rest of the universe.


Return To The Devil’s Domain

Dawn of the Devil: Published in 1986 for the role-playing classic, Villains & Vigilantes, this book was the sequel to the Devil’s Domain. Both books were published by Fantasy Games Unlimited.

Strange messages from space have been deciphered as DISTRESS signals to warn Earth of the mysterious return of the figure known only as the Devil. It is up to the brave band of super heroes to save the ENTIRE universe from this powerful and menacing EVIL!