Troubles in Paradise

I invite everyone to listen to my new show coming out in the next day or two. EQual Perspectives 19 will ding this weekend sometime assuming everything goes well tonight when Karen and I record my show.

Tonight’s show will all be about the new Everquest II expansion, Sentinel’s Fate. Although I don’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone, both Karen and I are going to grade the new expansion.

Both of us have been playing the new game since it debuted on the live servers and although I have not talked to Karen extensively about her opinions, I bet there will be some difference in opinion.

I for one have made it well known it was not the best expansion that Everquest II has released. And perhaps I will go as far as saying that it may be the worse expansion that they have produced, aside from the Free updates.

So for all the low down on my opinions stop over at the EQual Perspectives tab and listen to show number 19


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