Osprey Opens Their Art Library

I am not big at posting videos on the Emerald Tablet; I believe I did it once before for a huge dinosaur puppet, but this is just such an incredible offer that I cannot but post it here. For all the modders, gamers, academics, students, and history aficionados out there this new offer from Osprey is just so cool.

Signing up for their services allows you access to all their art assets from over the last 40 years. Gone are the days of hunting endlessly for an Image of a T-34 Calliope or a Hurricane Fighter or even a Greek Phalanx! For a small membership fee, you have access to all this art.

As a modder, I know I will use this in endless iterations of new mods. As a student, this will be an incredible addition to papers and research. I too know that as a student, professors need a lot of help in creating presentions — come on guys in the new millennium, ditch the photocopied old maps and use these!

Endless….Endless possibilities

Simply fantastic!!