Great Gaming Short Film

As everyone knows, I generally do not like to add video content to the Emerald Tablet, but this short film so captured the feeling of our local gaming group that I just had to offer it to all of my readers. The name of the video is “The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends” and all about what guys do when they get together to game. In this case it is how friends become sometimes a bit too competitive on a simple game, but what I like about the video is that it isn’t pretentious or unrealistic.¬† It doesn’t degenerate into sophomoric pandering of ninjas and or sword fighting, magic spells, or guttural name calling.¬† It simple is how the game is played all across the country in tens of thousands of homes every week — I am sure you will identify friends¬† in the video and nod your head more than once knowing exactly what is going on:

The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends