Phantasm Adventures

Phantasm Adventures IV

The Character Guide

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  1. I still think this is the greatest cover for any RPG, and especially so interesting for Phantasm Adventures. It truly represents a solid group in Phantasm adventures with a Centaur warrior, human knight, elf ranger, two gimp brother rouges, a thras barbarian, a pixie wizard, and an avioux swashbuckler. The demon and the ruins is the back drop for an awesome adventure in the lands of Monokan.

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  3. Hello,

    i’d like to ask you if you have copies left for sale of the original edition (like the one reviewed in Dragon magazine issue #193), or even before that date.

    Second: I have a pdf file of your copy of the 3rd edition (published in 1998) and i noticed that it has the Powers & Perils cover, which is a game that i adore. Perusing through the first pages of that book, it seems obvious to me that you were inspired a lt by P&P. Can you confirm? It would be interesting to know, i belong to the P&P community and as i said i played that game extensively in the past, this is also one of the reasons why i’m sure i’ll appreciate your game as well because i love “convoluted” rule-systems. Thank you.

    • Hey Matt,

      Sadly the original game is no longer in print nor do I know of any available copies of that version. One of my greatest personal and creative losses was unable to save the original manuscript and the ability to reproduce it.

      It was a mistake to have the cover on the 3rd edition of the game. It was simply meant to be a placeholder for other graphics but was inadvertently PDF with it on. Another seemingly incredible danger is once released, it is impossible to retract.

      I played P&P for several years as both a player and as a GM. I found the game great fun. The placeholder was a way to pay homage to the game as we playtested Phantasm Adventures. I apologize for using the art however and should not have put it there — there is no connection between the two games at all.

      Thanks for writing this comment. I means a lot to me that people still even look at Phantasm Adventures.

      by the way, there is a 4th edition out digitally on Amazon for 99 cents a book or something. Its meant to be read from a Kindle or other such tablet.


      Troy Christensen

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