Troy Christensen

Email : Troy @ virginworlds <dot> com
Twitter: ShalimarTroy
Technical Skills: Active Directory, Adobe CS3 – CS5, Advanceship Insite/Manifest, Asset Administration, Backup & Archive, Copier Maintenance & Administration, CISCO phone management, Crystal Reporting, EDI, Microsoft Excel, Iphone Administration, Label Matrix, Lightning Pick, Macintosh OS 10 Administration, Macintosh Repair: Diagnostics & Deployment, Office 2000 Administration, Office 2003 Administration, Office 2007 Administration, Ozlink Software, PC Deployment, PC Repair and Diagnostics, Pre-flight of Digital Files, Microsoft SMS, Synch, IT & Printing Troubleshooting, Ubuntu, Update Services, Epicor Vantage, Vipre Management, VNC, Windows 2000 Server Administration, Windows 2003 Server Administration, Windows XP Administration, Windows Service & Patch Updates Administration, Microsoft Word, and Quark Express.

Current Projects:  Civilization IV Mod: Extreme & Multiverse;  NeverWinter Nights:  The Great Adventure;  Phantasm Adventures V4, Bloodbath V2, Return to the Devil’s Domain (V&V Adventure),  Amish Johnson & the Pegasus Chamber (Full Preview): GVSU Student working towards a BS in History.

Abbreviated Qualifications:

World Traveled  — Willing to Relocate or Travel
Lived and worked in Japan
Negotiated two game contracts with a Japanese publisher
20 Game books published, in two languages (English and Japanese)
1 Novel:  Amish Johnson and the Pegasus Chamber
1 Screenplay:  The Centurion (Star Trek Teleplay)
70 Podcasts produced (Voyages of Vanguard, EQual Perspectives, Travels with Troy)
35 Years of game play experience
27 Years of Game Master knowledge
27 Years of building and maintaining computers of all types
25 Years of pre-press experience
25 Years of game design and writing
12 Articles published (Different Worlds Magazine, Game Graphix)
6 Years of management experience
3 Accumulative years in the computer gaming industry
28 Years of printing experience
8 Years in IT




  1. Wow Troy, I often wondered where you went off to. I am curious about how Phantasm is doing still. Its been a long time since I sat at your table with 8 others so I assumed the game was dead. I am truly glad to see its still kickin’, especially in the MMO dominated world.

  2. I am on a new adventure and have returned to school. It has been more than 20 years since I last walked the halls of Grand Valley State University.

    I hope to graduate in no more than 2 years with a Bachelor’s degree in history. My plans are then to get my Masters in History and teach at some 2-year college/prep school.

    Everything is still up in the air of course, and I am waiting to find out exactly what I need to graduate now — being 20 years or longer since I started, everything is different.

    Troy Christensen
    January 10, 2011

  3. So did you stop playing D3?, too bad maybe we could have hooked up sometime. You could also try star trek online or champions online both are free to play. They can be played to the max lvl without ever needing to spend money on the game.

    Advice: You could think about better adjectives to describe Phantasm. Obtuse while it can mean well rounded, can also mean a pain, dull, and boring which is what first came to my mind when reading the article, which made me laugh.


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